It’s A Matter of Trust ~ by Lepus

Escorting the corner on Market gives me a pretty good view of A Woman’s Choice parking lot.  I am slowly learning the difference between “anti cars” and “client cars”, although I always default on the side of if I’m not sure, I’m going to check it out.

Today, I saw a car pull into the parking lot and I walked towards it because I wasn’t sure.  There were two AWC workers standing in the parking lot with pamphlets (one of them was the AWC director).  T (the second AWC worker) said to me “You don’t have to talk to this one, she works here.”  When I didn’t walk back to the corner (I had the gall to want to see for myself), the AWC director turned to T and said “It’s a trust issue”

Well, of course it is a trust issue.  The existence of your building and its very name is supposed to trick people into thinking that AWC is something it isn’t.  You lie about how long the “free ultrasounds” will take.  You mislead and stretch and guess as to what a client is going through and try to manipulate them to your way of thinking.  You shame and guilt clients that have the misfortune of going into your doors, when they have done nothing wrong other than to live their lives in ways that you don’t approve.

You minimize a client’s life experience and cut and paste it into your own worldview of how they should live. I can’t believe anyone would trust ANYTHING you say.  I certainly would never, for my own safety and wellbeing, trust you.  So yes, it is indeed “A trust issue”.

4 thoughts on “It’s A Matter of Trust ~ by Lepus

  1. When I moved to Louisville last year, I just assumed that A Woman’s Choice was the abortion clinic. I would drive home from work turning from 2nd to Market so that I never even noticed the more unassuming surgical clinic across the street. It wasn’t until reading this blog that I figured it out. Once I did, it became so obvious to me that they just hijacked the word “choice” purely to trick people.

  2. Indeed! If I didn’t know you were describing a fake clinic, I’d have thought you were talking about a slick sales tactic for time shares. Snake oil salesmen, all. And in the name of their GAWD no less. Hucksters.

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