Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/2/13}

We have an escort who has a scrapbook of anti literature. The other escorts will pick up new brochures and save them for the collector.

There are usually ample opportunities to do this. The clients and companions who have the anti information thrust upon them while walking to the clinic will hand them to escorts, leave them on the flower box beside the clinic door and drop them on the counter or floor at the sign-in desk. We end up getting a lot of duplicates, but once in awhile we get new literature for the scrapbook.

This morning we had a client and two companions who were Spanish speaking. D pulled out her Spanish-language fliers and thrust the pamphlets into their hands. After the clients were all in, there were two Spanish fliers laying on the flower box. When I was leaving, I picked them up.

Another escort looked at one of them before we left and we talked about the collection.  As I was getting into my car, D handed me an English version of the flier. “Here is one in English. I doubt you can read Spanish.”

Have to hand it to her, I don’t.

“Read this one. Maybe you will learn something, but you probably won’t read it.”

Have to hand it to her again. I have no intention of reading anti-abortion propaganda.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/2/13}

  1. Yes, they are filled with crap such as high links to breast cancer and infertility. And suicide. And regret. And emptiness. LOADS of crap.
    Also, ours offers a retreat for women who have had abortions… healing retreats. But these retreats are not free, of course. Someone is making money off of these women. And it isn’t the people providing abortion services.

    • Kittybrat,

      The brochures are full of all of that stuff. When I first started escorting, I read a couple of the brochures. Now I have better things to spend my time on. The CPC beside us held a class on “Post Abortion Syndrome” about two weeks ago. A fake class for a fake syndrome. Perfect symmetry. I don’t know whether they charged for the class, but we constantly hear, “This clinic only wants your money.” I always chuckle.


  2. It would be an interesting exercise to look at how the anti literature has changed over time. I’d be interested to know if they started with ‘abortion is murder’ and how much the recent stuff reflects their more contemporary claims that abortion is bad because it supposedly harms women. I’m also seeing a lot more arguments that abortion is the worst thing a rape victim should have access to, because it compounds the trauma. I’d be interested in knowing when that particular ugly idea first started circulating.

    • Bodycrimes,

      That would be interesting to compare the older ones to more recent ones. I’ll have to ask our escort who collects the brochures. They have been collecting for a long time and have a large scrapbook. The single logic fail that always gets me in their brochures is that abortion causes infertility, but the best solution for depression after an abortion is to get pregnant right away and the new baby will help you recover. I try to hold reading anti sites to a minimum, but they do frequently talk about changing the words of the messages to be more emotionally impactful. Maybe this was a recent change that abortion traumatizes women twice if they were the victims of rape. Sigh.

      Thank you,

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