Just Stretching?

There are times that watching the antis is entertainment. This Saturday morning a few clinic escorts were standing at the entrance of the clinic. Most of the clients had already entered the clinic and we were waiting for any late arrivals. That’s when anti watching and listening can be fun for escorts. The rest of the time we ignore them.

There was a new anti out. She was standing alone beside the “No Parking” sign. The city has posted two signs that read, “No Parking 6AM-10AM Saturday Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off.” The zone blocks two parking meters used during the weekdays.

No Parking sign

Since the signs have been up they have been a real annoyance to the antis. They try to line the sidewalk between the signs to block anyone who might be dropped off. We post escorts there when we can, but we aren’t always successful and the clients and companions using the drop-off zone have to wind their way through the antis.

Unsuccessful attempts by antis to park on Saturdays in the spaces blocked off are always met with several escorts pointing to the signs; on one occasion we had to threaten to call city towing. During a weekday recently the anti T  told an escort they could not park there and said he was going to call the police to have the escort’s car towed. When he was told it was legal on weekdays and was asked a few times to read the sign, he finally  read the sign and said, “You might be right.” I’m sure it was only coincidence that he left immediately afterwards.

Even knowing the history of the signs, we were surprised to see the new anti in a pose that looked like she was trying to push it over. She pushed tentatively with one hand and then put both hands on the pole, braced her feet and pushed hard. The pole rocked a little, but still stood firm. While she still had both hands on the pole, NB came and pushed with both hands one time too. The pole stayed firmly planted. This whole process took less than a minute before they stood up nonchalantly and assumed a position in front of the pole. Soon D joined them and they just stood there quietly talking amongst themselves as if nothing had happened.

Sign pushers

I started laughing. I couldn’t help myself.

Now to be fair, both of those antis could have been stretching the kinks out of their muscles like athletes will do. Standing for so long on the sidewalk can be tiring for leg muscles when your only activity is shouting. They may both have felt the need to stretch at the same time, in the same place, using the same support. The pole was handy there on the sidewalk, so why not?

There was no way they were going to move the sign, so I will go with the more charitable explanation.

It is a good thing the sign and pole weren’t damaged. It would still be a No Parking zone on Saturdays. The city would fine them for destruction of city property. Definitely a major inconvenience for just a muscle stretch, but stranger things have happened on the sidewalk in front of the clinic.

6 thoughts on “Just Stretching?

  1. They all look awfully chatty and happy considering they just spent a morning *total sarcasm here-protesting the murders of innocent babies.

  2. FYI –

    Under the laws of Kentucky, the charge of criminal mischief is a criminal offense related to damage to property. It can be done deliberately, or carelessly, if you knowingly commit some action that endangers, or could reasonably be dangerous and reckless. The more serious the cost of the damage, the more strict the charge is, and the resulting penalties if convicted. (One could argue that knocking down the sign could cause a dangerous interaction between protestors, clients and escorts.)

    Criminal Mischief in the First Degree
    1st degree criminal mischief is defined by Kentucky statutes as intentionally or wantonly defacing, destroying, or damaging any property which you have no authority to do so and the value of such damage is greater than $1,000.

    And this isn’t even talking about the destruction of city property.

    The more you know . . .

    • Oubli,

      Yes, it could have been bad for them if they were bigger, stronger or more of them.

      Thanks, as always,

  3. It is fun to watch the antis as they do sometimes provide good entertainment. Recently the good Reverend’s wife has taken to carrying two signs, one on a stick and the other large one proclaiming that the patient should see her for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. She seems to have a lot of trouble juggling both signs but it is further complicated when she also tries to hold an umbrella at the same time. One of our escorts finally approached her with duct tape and offered to fasten the two signs together. She told him that others had suggested the same thing but she declined his offer of “help.” Forget what her reason was, but it is fun to watch her try to juggle all three items PLUS try to wipe sweat from her face with a towel.

    • Josie,

      I can just picture that juggling act! We have one that carries a sign around their neck and another in their hand. Adding umbrellas is always just a little too much.


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