Sidewalk Snippet ~ {8/12/13}

Saturday mornings parking is at a real premium. Most of the meter spaces on both sides of the street are taken by the antis cars. If escorts get there early enough, we can get a few spaces close to the door of the clinic and then we turn then over to clients as they arrive. That’s what we did this Saturday morning.

A client and two companions stopped around 7a at the street corner and asked about parking. We directed them to parking about a block away, but they had one person who wasn’t able to walk that far. We had them pull around the corner and park while an escort moved a car for them. The escort had the space exactly opposite to the clinic door, so it was a very short trip to walk.

When they had their car successfully parked and knew what to expect from the antis, we went back to the street corner. We watched antis approach their car time after time. The client and companions did not roll down their window, but we noticed they pulled their car forward and backed it up several times.

I went around to the driver’s window and asked the driver if they were comfortable with where they were parked. They said they were okay. And then I commented we had seen them pull forward a few times, so that’s why I asked. “Oh, I was trying to run over their feet. Maybe then they will leave us alone.” I kind of chuckled and said, “Okay, just checking.”

Their plan seemed to work because after a few minutes, the antis stopped approaching their car. We were able to escort them in easily when the doors opened.

3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {8/12/13}

  1. This caused me to chuckle also. At our clinic we are lucky in one way because even though there are only about six spots for the clients to park, the lot and entrance are at the back of the building. This allows the patient to pull down the driveway, turn around and let the patient out and then either the companion or one of the escorts will park the car, thus thwarting the antis’ efforts to harass. Can I say the antis really, really HATE this arangement. Unfortunately now their leader has taken to standing across the street with a bullhorn yelling at the clinic and doing his sidewalk preaching. We are working on that.

    • Josie,

      It is always so interesting to hear about the same things at different clinics. I had the opportunity to visit a clinic in Indianapolis recently. They had a private parking lot. The back of the lot had an 8′ chain link fence with bamboo screening attached. The one and only protester behind the fence had to step on his tiptoes to try to hand out literature. He accompanied it with a very disheartened, “Can I just talk to you a minute.” We can only wish for something like that here in Louisville.

      We have amplifiers and bullhorns every Saturday. The police have said that if any residents in the area complain about noise they will ask them to tone it down. There are no residents within blocks; only businesses. The noise just continues. Let us know if you are successful with banning the bullhorn at your clinic.


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