A Potpourri of Moments on the Sidewalk

After the doors to the clinic open, and the clients are mostly in, I’ve started spending time in the front, doing some video.   The videos are mostly ridiculous, so I post them with a shrug.  This is what it’s like on the sidewalk in front of the clinic.

If you have trouble getting any of them to play, I’m posting links to them on youtube at the end of the article.

We’ll start with Ron – you may remember Ron, the last time we saw him he was talking about “bloodsuckers,” referring to us, the escorts.   Today, he’s speaking directly to me.  To appreciate this one, you have to know that my escort vest is an heirloom ~ it’s my daughter’s vest, and has been handed down {handed up?} to me.  So when he says that’s not my name ~ well, he’s right!

Of course, I would suggest that his interpretation of that is inaccurate.  I’m not so much a “big phony, liar” as I am a “terrible procrastinator.”   I had originally planned to stencil in “Mother of” over the name, I just never got around to it.

Here’s one of the preachers.  His voice doesn’t carry like some of the ones you’ve heard before here, so he uses an amplifier.  Today, he’s preaching on the Declaration of Independence.

It’s really just another version of slut-shaming, isn’t it?  The image he presents of women gone wild, celebrating their freedom to wantonly do whatever they want by coming to the clinic for an abortion.

Of course, regardless of why the clients are there, it’s none of his business.  But the facts of the matter are that women need abortions for many reasons, and each person has their own situation.

Next is Andrew, talking about his 17 week-old.  At first we thought he and his wife had a new baby, but actually it’s 17 weeks pre-born.

The things he says about the developing fetus are sincere, I think, and touching.  I’m glad for him, and wish him and his wife the best.   And ~

~ it seems kind of cruel, what he’s doing.  Telling everyone how wonderful his soon-to-be baby is, how happy he and his wife are, what joy they’re experiencing. He acts like his experience can be everyone’s choice ~ like they could walk out the door and say, “Oh, yes, I’ll have a life just like yours, please and thank you.”  Plus he assumes, I guess, that if they could have a life just like his, then they would surely pick that.

It’s ridiculous, and cruel, thoughtless and arrogant.   As I listen to him ~ and he went on much longer than the video suggests ~ it began to seem like boasting, a kind of taunting.  “Here’s the wonderful life I have, don’t you wish you had this?”

Enough of that.  Let’s close with Ron.  A double header for him today.  He starts out talking ’bout my Mama…

And ends by saying it would have saved me a lot of trouble ~ been better for me ~ if my mother had aborted me so I wouldn’t have to face the fires of hell and eternal damnation.  Really.   That’s what he says.

Which makes me laugh. Out loud.  By that logic ~~

~~  oh, good grief, never mind, there is no logic there.  It’s just silly.  That’s what it’s like on the sidewalk in front of the clinic.

~~  fml221 ~~

Even Your Name is Phony

Declaration of Independence on the Sidewalk

17 Weeks Old

“This One…”

8 thoughts on “A Potpourri of Moments on the Sidewalk

  1. Deciding who is going to Hell is so Christian–oh wait, it is not. That decision is reserved for God according to the Bible. Maybe your protesters should go home to read the Bible and pray instead of meddling in private medical decisions. Oh wait, that is a totally radical, liberal idea. Possibly a conservative idea if they applied all the rest of their ideas to what they bring to the sidewalk. I give up trying to make sense of the idea that government should not, in any way, be responsible for paying for an individuals reproductive choices unless it comes in the form of tax exempt status for organizations that terrorize women making a legal medical choice or giving tax breaks to those who have more children than they can afford.

    • Your comment made me laugh, KyBorn! And you’re so right – their actions on the sidewalk have very little to do with Christianity for real, and their stances don’t make sense. Socially-sanctioned bullying, that’s what it is.

      Thanks for making me smile though!

  2. “Your mama would be real proud of ya.”

    This actually made me smile and gave me a warm feeling. I know he was trying to be insulting, but it still made me think fondly of my mom and how proud she was of me for being part of this activism. It gave another little boost to my resolve.

    I know your mom was proud of you too.

    “I wonder why your mama didn’t abort you, look how much trouble she would have saved you…”

    And Ron cracks WIDE open and exposes every single lie he’s ever told out there on that sidewalk. He shows his intentions Full Monty of how he’s NOT out there for any “baby.”

    Not. One. Single. One. He’s made it clear with that sentence that abortion doesn’t bother him one bit.

    He’s out there because he’s just an arrogant little man selfishly fulfilling his own needs to bully.

    And we’re all just laughing at him. What a clown.

    • Yeah, Longtail, that “your mama would be proud of ya,” kind of makes me smile these days too – like you, I know she would be, so there’s no sting there.

      But you really hit the nail on the head about Ron. He is “an arrogant little man selfishly fulfilling his own needs to bully.” And a clown. My hope is that as people begin to realize that, they lose even more of their theoretical power to make people feel bad. Thanks for your perspective!

  3. I think what blows my mind with antis is the mindblowing arrogance of them thinking the clients and “deathscorts” (they probably think that’s clever) see the fetus as a baby and are choosing to kill it. They are literally incapable of grasping the idea that people don’t think a fetus is a baby. This is the same “if you don’t agree with me, you’re hellbound” mentality that the Inquisitions had.
    Lord bless you for what you do.

    • Hi, Ebon,

      Yes, I agree – they really don’t get it, and they don’t want to. Of course, I wouldn’t care if they didn’t feel compelled to try to make other people change their minds! Their close-mindedness to anything that doesn’t agree with them is reminiscent of the Inquisition, for sure, or the Salem witch trials. Both are a little bit scary thoughts.

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!!

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