Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/22/13}

There were several clients waiting by the door before the clinic opened. Of course, they were the focus of the antis’ attention for the entire time they were there. They were preached to, pleaded with, insulted and harassed while they waited. Offers of help with housing; offers to adopt their babies; offers to teach them the love of Jesus Christ were rapidly said by a series of antis from the property line.

R was there and said something I had never heard before. When I asked some of the long-term escorts about it they all said, “Oh yeah. I have heard him say that.”

“They are going to throw your baby in the garbage. Then they are going to send it to be burned up with all of the other trash. If you are going to kill your baby, bring it back out to me so I can give it a decent funeral. I will make sure it has a respectful service.” He repeated it twice to make sure they all heard him.

This is a step beyond offering to pay for their attorney fees for adoption. It was so very creepy. How would this really be accomplished? R and all of the antis are gone by 830a. Should the client just call R? Why would they entrust this to someone who has just been screaming at them about how evil they are?

What the antis don’t realize is that some women do have respectful services and make a time to say goodbye. We have had readers who have been kind enough to share their stories with us and have read articles about others.

It is an idea only an anti would come up with to say in an effort to upset clients as they wait by the door.

9 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/22/13}

  1. Maybe somebody could suggest that the gentleman who is so concerned about how the embryos are laid to rest to could offer his services to women who have miscarried wanted pregnancies. No, I am not being sarcastic for once. I am sure there are many women who have lost pregnancies that would be comforted by having some sort of memorial ceremony or other outlet for grief over the lost pregnancy. How lovely it would be for him to offer a “Christian burial” to women who are actually Christian and want to avail themselves of this service.

    • KYBorn,

      No, to even think about R being involved in any memorial ceremony is not a good idea. There are options instead of enlisting R, with his bully attitude. However, people wanting a service should be able to talk to their spiritual leader and make arrangements with someone they trust to be respectful. Oubli, a frequent commenter, also told us about Mizuko Kuyō ceremonies. That is another alternative as well. A couple of my friends had ceremonies of their own planning that comforted them.

      Thank you,

      • You are totally correct. I was just hoping, in my own strange way, that this weirdo yelling outside a medical office could be directed toward more productive areas. You are right. No woman miscarrying or aborting deserves this asshole meddling in their lives.

  2. Antis will never be able to comprehend how very deeply we care about our embryos and their futures. Not like they ever bother actually talking to us to find out. I got very “Mama Bear” kind of defensive reading this. There is no way in Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell that I would EVER hand over MY “baby” alive or dead to a bunch of psychotic strangers lambasting me on a sidewalk. I shuddered in total revulsion at the idea of them practicing a religion that I find abhorrent on it.

    Though that thought immediately fed into the rather sardonic thought of someone coming out and handing R a surgical napkin with what looks akin to a smooshed raspberry on it. He’d probably go, “What’s this?”

    • Longtail,

      My reaction was pure revulsion also. How could you trust something so private and personal to a fanatic who was just telling you the ways you have sinned against their religion? You are right, even if they did talk to us if what we say doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas we must be lying, in denial or something else.

      Thanks as always,

  3. I’ve read through a few years worth of posts on this blog. I remember awhile ago reading one that said you were all planning to work toward getting a buffer law. What happened with that?

    • Stacie,

      Thank you for reading so many of our posts. We appreciate it.

      We have been studying the feasibility of a buffer law still, but we have not made much progress. It is hard to get support in Louisville and Kentucky. The mayor of Louisville just recently announced August 3rd is “God Belongs in My City” day. This gives you an idea of the opposition/lack of support we would face. Another thing we are watching is the Massachusetts case about buffer zones. The Supreme Court has decided to hear an appeal by the protesters. It could change the way buffer zones work across the country. We think buffer zones are a great idea, but of course the antis do not. Here is a link to the Boston Globe article on the case if you are interested.

      Thank you,

      • Thanks for the info. If the case goes in favor of buffer laws, hopefully that can help with a push for one locally. Fischer makes it so hard on me. He does wonderful things and then so many not-so-wonderful things. I just cannot pin him. Well I’ll be keeping a watchful eye and would love to help push for the law if the supreme court rules favorably. I’ve been wanting to come escort for awhile but I get up for work at 4am everyday and work on weekends sometimes as well. Hopefully once I eventually get a better job I could join your ranks. Until then, I’m an avid reader of every new post.

      • Stacie,

        Your support is more than appreciated. We understand that many people who would like to escort cannot because of work or other commitments. Just reading our blog and helping us spread the word about what really is going on at the corner of 2nd and Market is a huge help. When you are ready to join us on the sidewalk, I’m sure we will still be here.

        Yeah, I agree with you on Fischer. Sometimes he does things that are really forward-thinking and sometimes he does the opposite.

        Have a nice day and stay dry if you can with all of this rain!

        Thank you,

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