Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/15/13} by Skeletor

Sometimes there is nothing to do but laugh at the doozies the antis come up with. Nevermind the faux science they like to quote, there are times when they really go off the rails with the things they shout at the clients.

D had one that stopped us in our tracks this week. Three escorts were standing at the front at the end of the morning, preparing to leave when she shouts, “Your babies will end up in the trash after they sell your babies’ brains for $1000!”


We’ve heard a lot about Gosnell lately; oh, boy, do the antis like to paint gory images of what happens in a clinic. But selling brains? Wow. Just, wow. Not sure where she came up with that one.

That’s a new one, to be sure, and a good example of the depths to which the antis will stoop.

3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/15/13} by Skeletor

  1. Oof, not laughing at them…yet another amazing talent you escorts have! It’s HARD to stifle laughter when people are being so comical.

  2. To be fair – it used to happen, embryonic and fetal remains used to be sold to laboratory and research facilities but most states have laws on the books now that prevent it, either maternal consent is necessary or it’s donated as an anatomical gift to universities/research labs but the *vast majority* of the time it’s simply disposed of as hazardous medical waste.

    Abortion, Medicine, and the Law by J. Douglas Butler and David F. Walbert

    This is one of the many reasons why I chose a medical abortion, so I could dispose of the remains of my pregnancy how I saw fit, with a Mizuko Kuyō ceremony, a newly seeded flower garden, pinwheels to blow in the wind and letters to my lost pregnancy.

    Click to access Mizuko_Kuyo_and_Blame_2010_MGR_runner_up.pdf

    Liquid Life: Abortion and Buddhism in Japan by William LaFleur

    Like many things the antis say there may be a grain of truth but they exaggerate and twist, so the truth is no longer recognizable as such. Sophistry like this simply cannot be respected or trusted as any sort of truth.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this story about your own abortion. The Mizuko Kuyo ceremony is not something I had heard about before, but it sounds like a lovely way to honor that decision. Also, I appreciate you sharing the grain of truth from which D’s lie sprang. Indeed, it all begins somewhere with a grain of truth but gets so twisted along the way that a reasonable conversation seems elusive.

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