Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/01/13}

Sometimes clients and/or companions really want to engage with the antis. These conversations usually start with an anti saying, ‘If you believe in Jesus, you shouldn’t go into this place.’ This morning a companion really wanted to talk theology with A.

The client and companion were waiting for the door to open and sitting just outside the doorway. The client had on headphones and was ignoring everyone and everything around them. The companion was ready to argue religion.

A is a frequent anti who always says, “I used to be a sinner like you. The word of God turned my life around. Let me talk to you about the Bible.” The companion answered him, “You need to reread the Bible and understand what you missed, like compassion and love.” The conversation between the two of them went on for about 15 minutes.

At one point, A reassured the companion he made his living by researching and studying the Bible. The companion replied, “That’s your problem. You are reading only religious documents. You need to read some secular documents to understand the entire history of the period and culture. Your information is all one-sided.”

During the discussion that we were listening to, the companion was able to ask questions A was not able to answer and to correct mistakes in A’s argument. They were both quoting Bible verses by number.

While the conversation was entertaining to bystanders, the point of protesting abortion is not “What would Jesus do?” It is always the need to force your beliefs and view of morality on another person; a stranger. It is the desire to dictate another person’s most personal choices about reproduction.

An amusing offshoot of this conversation was that A became offended when he was described as associated with the Baptist church instead of his sect of  Christianity; he quickly corrected the error in labels, even while during the conversation a Catholic anti became offended with A’s description of the gospel.

It doesn’t matter what label you put on your beliefs, they still should not be forced upon others.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/01/13}

  1. I’m certain that if there were no other religions, cultures, and lifestyles in this country to pick on, the Christians would turn immediately on each other and start demonizing differentiating denominations. For many of them, creating strife and division validates their beliefs of elitism and being special, and they feed on it.

    And no, I don’t mean every single Christian is this way. I have met the exceptions, I know they exist (I’m married to one!), and I hold them very far apart from the those who use the religion selfishly. Unfortunately, Christianity is very easy to misuse.

    • Longtail,

      No, it is not every Christian that demonize different denominations and religions. Like you, I know many Christians that are open, loving and tolerant people. Some of them are fellow escorts. It does seem to be those Christians that feel it is okay to harass people on their way to the doctor who exhibit the other intolerant traits. We hear this ‘my religion is right and yours is wrong’ rhetoric frequently on the sidewalk. I always just have to shake my head and hide my amusement about the irony of arguing who is right when they are standing there to bully clients.

      Thanks, as always,

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