I Stand with Wendy on the Sidewalk ~ by Skeletor

Were you watching Tuesday night? The Texas Tribune ran a live online video feed of the Texas Senate chamber that nearly 200,000 people all over the nation tuned in to watch (while CNN talked about muffins). Twitter was abuzz with #IStandWithWendy and #SB5.

And then the clock ran out. No vote had been taken. Yet there was an attempt to ramrod a vote through by supporters of the law, a law that would close all but five clinics in Texas.

Problem is, the people were watching. We stood with Wendy from our homes all over the USA while one woman stood in defiance of the zealots, on behalf of the health of women.

When I stand on the sidewalk in my orange vest, I am standing with the women who have made careful consideration of all their options and have chosen abortion. I do not know their whys or wherefores, and it is none of my business. Neither is it the business of the antis who hurl their vitriol during the clients’ walk into the clinic.

Often the antis will shout, “Come next door where you can learn about ALL your choices,” or “The only choice here is death!” or “You were herded in here like cattle!” It never occurs to them, apparently, that these women have already considered all their choices; that they made a rational, well-reasoned decision, and it happens not to be the decision that the antis would have made. To my mind, the antis portray women as thoughtless automatons.

Wendy stood for twelve and a half hours, speaking the entire time. I think I can stand on the Louisville sidewalk for an hour and a half in silence. The way I see it, we are both standing up to the bullies who would denigrate our personhood.

The legislative battles over reproductive rights are far from done, but it was encouraging to see the actions of Sen. Wendy Davis. It was encouraging to hear the chorus of voices raised throughout the Texas capitol in support of Sen. Davis and her efforts. It was encouraging to follow it, moment by moment, on Twitter.

Thrilling though it was, it could have ended very differently. Governor Rick Perry has already called another special session of the Texas legislature to begin on Monday in an effort to push a similar bill through. We must continue to #StandWithWendy in our own states, keeping abreast of legislative actions being taken to restrict the rights of women to live as full, autonomous citizens.

6 thoughts on “I Stand with Wendy on the Sidewalk ~ by Skeletor

  1. Rick Perry let his hypocrite flag fly with his little comment about Wendy Davis needing to learn from her own example. First of all, isn’t Wendy Davis an example of this “culture of life” because she found herself young, pregnant and single but decided the best choice for her was to go to term? He meant it as a slam but it just goes to show how rabid pro-lifers are loving and supportive of pregnant women “taking responsibility” in one breath and basically calling them sluts in an other. However, Rick Perry was right about Wendy Davis being an example. She should be an example to everyone male or female, mother, father, pregnant, never pregnant, lesbian, gay, young and old. She is not an example because she is a single mother. She is an example because she chose to work hard and better her circumstances, and is still working to better circumstances for lots of other people.

    • Thanks for reading, KYBorn! Yes, Rick Perry and the anti-choice peeps can be so irritating when they point to one person and say, “See, she did it! Everyone else can, too!” No, Governor Perry, et al, not everyone can or should do it. Senator Davis is a great example of a woman and a citizen, but I think she is the best one to decide what lesson her personal history can teach.

  2. Wendy Davis is my new hero. She taught the nation and maybe the world not to **** with a senator in pink Nikes!

    I hope she got a well-deserved nap and the best meal of her life after that.

    “Come next door where you can learn about ALL your choices,”

    Yes, because we women could NEVER have figured out that HAVING it was an inevitability on our own.

    • It’s true, Longtail, Wendy Davis made a whole bunch of people sit up and take notice. Hopefully the momentum can carry through the next special session and kill SB2!

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