Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/24/13}

I have my own plastic fetus doll. If you read our blog regularly, you know how much these anti props bother me.

The car pulled to the curb and the companion opened the door immediately. This morning, The anti TM was at the door of the car before I could reach them. He started handing literature to the companion and talking to them. Then he handed them a pink plastic fetus doll. They looked a little confused, but politely thanked him and put it away.

When my opportunity to talk came, I explained about the orange vests and protesters not having them. The companion nodded and said, “I understand.” We continued talking, both ignoring TM.

We walked the client and the companion to the clinic door and I went inside to talk to them about the parking meters. While they gave me change to feed their meter, I asked them if they wanted the literature still held in the companion’s hand. They said, “No. Please take it.” I took it and then asked, “Would you like me to take the plastic doll he gave you?” The companion said they would throw it away later. Then I said, “I would really like to have it if you don’t want it.” They smiled and handed it to me as well.

Now I have to figure out what adventures I can send it on for a photo album article. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/24/13}

  1. As if I don’t spend enough time stalking your blog! I will be eagerly awaiting the travel adventures of Fred/Fredericka the Fetus.

  2. Oh my goodness! How cool would it be to send to it different escorts around the country and the world? Also make it tiny hats.

    • Christine,

      It would be cool! Are you handy with crafts to make outfits? I’m thinking with the comments we could broaden its horizons too.


    • Oubli,

      Mailing it to the different escort groups really appeals to me. Maybe with a little costume to represent each state? The possibilities are almost limitless.

      Thanks as always,


      • I can take pics of it at my local Planned Parenthood and I would love to take it on a trip to Cowtown, the historic district of Ft Worth! I think I could even manage to find it a tiny cowboy hat : )

      • Oubli,

        I love that idea. I’ll contact you separately and make arrangements to mail it to you. All I ask is you send us photos and mail it back. I’m contacting two other escort groups we know to see if they are interested too. There’s always the kind offers from Australia too. We should have a well-traveled anti prop before we are done!


    • Reynardo,

      That’s an idea! We could take photos of the packaging and it’s final arrival. I am chuckling thinking about what could be done.


      • Cheshbitten,

        We now have two offers from Australia. I’m wondering if we could send this little guy on a trip around the world? That would be something that would definitely appeal to my sense of humor.


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