Meet Mary

Meet Mary. She’s a protester, and a chaser.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ve heard me talk about her.  If you’ve been reading a long time, you’ve seen videos featuring her before.  She’s the ones that likes to kidney punch the escorts.

I’ve transcribed it here, but it almost doesn’t make sense because the escort’s words come between the exchanges between Mary and the companion.  And occasionally, you can barely hear Mary talking under the escort.

Escort:  Mary get off of me.

Mary:  Let it live.

Escort:  Let’s go this way, guys.  We’re gonna go down and cross the street, across from these cars.

Companion:  Hey, see that ~ I’ve got kids ~ get away from me.

Mary:  You know this one’s alive too.

Companion:  I’m ~ bye now.   Go.

Mary:  You know in your heart it’s wrong.  Why does this one not deserve a chance at life?”

Escort:  So there’s a really large crowd up here…

{Mary: You know it’s going to end up in a trashcan…}

Escort:  …so what we’re gonna do is come in this way.

Mary:  It doesn’t make it easier when you walk away from this place.  I’ve seen it so many times…

Escort:  Watch out guys, we’re gonna cross.

Companion:  Yeah it does.  My day’s going keep on going,

Escort:  We’re gonna keep on walking

Mary:  Right, you’re outta here, right?  the heck with her, right?

Companion (indignantly)  I’m gonna be right there with her!

Anyhow.  That’s Mary.

9 thoughts on “Meet Mary

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  2. Today at our clinic in Huntsville, Alabama, we had an exceptionally “good” day (considering that the antis were there). The “gratitude factor” from patients and companions was super. One companion gave us $20 to purchase water and drinks for the hot days and others thanked us. The one that got to me, though, was after all the antis had gone and a young couple were leaving the young woman handed me a note as they walked by. It reinforced our feelings that we make a difference, and I hope you don’t mind that I share it with you.

    “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do. It means a lot that there are people willing to volunteer their time to help families during times of stress. This experience was so much less stressful than I expected and that has a lot to do with the volunteers. Your work is important and very much appreciated. It is rare to find people so willing to stand up for what is right when what is right is unpopular. Thank you. A.P.”

    • Hi, Josie,

      No, of course I don’t “mind” that you shared your thanks here – I really appreciate it. You’re so right, that is what makes it meaningful, knowing that it does make a difference.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting. Hope all your escorting days are “good” ones!

  3. “Let it live.”

    There is just something about those three little words that just tells you so much about how they Really. Just. Don’t. Get. It. They make it sound like it’s akin to deciding whether or not to step on a spider. You ever notice that? Their speech often seems to reduce and belittle parenthood and children. They call it things like “inconveniences” and “consequences.” It’s just…insulting to all parents and children to try to wipe out the fact it’s really one of the BIGGEST undertakings anybody can ever make in their entire lives.

    Mary was so busy trying to get her rote out that she just completely missed the fact the man said he was already a father. The client was quite probably the mother of those children. She responded, yes, but she totally missed it. “Then you know this one’s alive too.” It’s such a WEIRD response to somebody telling you they’re a parent. It reminds me of that great article you wrote about LISTENING.

    And on another topic…I know it’s not really appropriate, but the way the companion said, “I’m gonna be right there with her!” was really pretty funny and it made me laugh. Just the whole, “WHAT are you smoking?!” tone cracked me up.

    • Your comment made me laugh, Longtail. You’re right, Mary’s efforts to twist his experience into her own mold are way off mark, and the tone of his voice at the end really reflects it.

      I hadn’t thought about the way they “reduce and belittle” parenthood – but, omigosh, you’re so right!! When – there’s a protester recently who referred to nine months of pregnancy as “a little inconvenience.” Made me laugh. Kind of.

      Thanks for your comments – as always!!

  4. She’s the one! She can make a seasoned teacher of teenagers with behavioral disorders say ” I’ m gonna punch you in the face.”

    • This cracked me up… she is difficult, isn’t she? She probably has the honor of being in the top ten of “worst” ones, and she’s dreadfully consistent. Yeah. I hear you.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Escorts have patience of angels and nerves of steel. At least while they are escorting, and I thank God for that.

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