Saturday Before Father’s Day

This is the tale of the circus that happens at the clinic on the Saturday before Father’s Day.  It’s a special day.  Angela’s church all turns out for a parade down to the clinic.  Ok, probably not ALL of them, it just seems that way.

Here they are:

They sang that song repeatedly for about an hour.  Singing about Jesus and how they have a victory.  It’s like a revival, without the preaching.

You’ll notice some very close-up shots of a couple of women.  I was standing on the property line when they got there, and they stood that close in front of me.    I’m not holding the camera out to get closer to them, that’s how close they were.

You can see that they bring some kids with them, and I was just glad that it wasn’t pouring down rain like it was last year.  I hate to see the kids standing in the rain.

There was a lot of stuff that was disturbing this Saturday before Father’s Day.  The couple who videotaped clients.  Just the size of the crowd, and their noisy enthusiasm.   Then there was this:

Yes, that’s me narrating it.  I don’t think she realized I was videotaping it until I started talking. She turned away then, but she didn’t turn away as clients and companions came toward her.   She was taking up most of the sidewalk, so they had to go around her.

And here’s the same woman demonstrating her dramatic talent:

Sometimes, after Father’s Day, she gets inspired and comes down for a few weeks to do that routine.   She’s not the first one  ~ pretending to be a child and pleading “Mommy, please don’t kill me,” ~ and she probably won’t be the last.  Ugh.

I amuse myself by reassuring her that it’s ok, she’s already been born, no one is trying to kill her.  That’s apparently not as helpful as it could be.

But none of that is new.

The thing that will stick with me from this year happened just as the parade was getting to the clinic.  A little girl ~ maybe 8 or 9 years old, maybe 7, got ahead of whoever she was with, at least I guess that’s what happened.

All I know is I looked up, a client had just crossed the property line and gone into the clinic and there was this little girl on the other side of the property line, behind the escorts, looking at me with big scared eyes.  I moved toward her and gestured for her to walk forward, trying not to scare her more, there was another couple headed that way and all the chaos and confusion that comes with it, and the singing and… she was just frozen, deer in the headlights.

It was kind of awful.

And then she unfroze.  She took a few steps and was back on the right side of the property line.   Angela stepped up and took the little girl under her wing – well, under her arm for real.  She kept her snuggled up close to her while she ranted at the clients going to the clinic.

I have some video of them ~ 7 seconds of them, the little girl clutching Angela’s shirt in the back.  I’m not going to post it, you’ll have to imagine it.  The little girl didn’t ask to be there, didn’t expect to be swept up in the chaos and confusion.   Poor child was just part of the parade.  That’s what will stick with me this year.

And we made it through another Saturday at the clinic.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Before Father’s Day

  1. I’ve only been there once as an escort (in training) but I can tell you the cops do nothing – just sit there videotaping to CYA. (Theirs not the patients or escorts) I think we do need to continue to be there for the patients and work on a buffer zone. I’ve signed petitions and written letters to my reps without anything other than a form letter coming back. Is there anything else we can do about the buffer zone? Thanks for all you do.

    • Thanks for the support! I don’t know what else we need to do… maybe figuring out what we need to do is the next step!!

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  3. If laws already in place were being properly enforced half of this garbage wouldn’t go on. I want to stand outside one of these protester’s homes with a bullhorn and graphic pictures while screaming through their window about how they need to spice up their sex lives by doing what the photos I am holding show for the world to see. By their standards, I will be a marriage counselor. Privacy doesn’t matter because the only people who want privacy are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Hopefully, I can send them a bill.

  4. The veiled harrassment/ bullying seem endless. We received a voice mail today to call the gyn’s office. ” Jill(name change) you are pregnant.” Me “yes you told me last week at the appointment.” Them
    you need to come in for an ultrasound.” Me ” l had the surgery on Saturday that I told you I’d have.” Them ” what surgery?” Me ” the abortion.” Them ” let me
    put you on hold.”LENGTHY Them”you need a checkup. ” Me “I’d like the IUD that we discussed when I have the check up.”Them”We’ll schedule it when you have the check up.” Of course, no one said “How are you feeling, Jill?” Then I did the smart thing and made an appointnent with the friendly receptionist at PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!

  5. I’ve escorted before, even the Saturday before Mother’s Day, but it looks like things have escalated since then. I don’t know if I’m passive enough to not punch these people in the throat.

    • Hi, Karissa,

      Thanks for commenting.

      It is stressful. And I can understand how you feel. But your comment made me think too. I guess we are passive, at least in the sense of not being actively aggressive. I like to think that I’m focused on the client more so than that I’m passive, you know? And that being a calm presence has a power of its own. At least that’s what I like to think. 🙂

      Thanks again for the support!!

      • Escorting is definitely active! I was more referring to being passive when it comes to not engaging the antis.

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