New Escort Story ~ by CB

At the clinic today, two anti men decided to hang out with me on the corner and talk about their personal religious experiences in my general direction.  I ignored them and I guess they got bored with my non-reaction, so they started talking about other things.  Like the bar they own and weekend plans.

Then one guy asked if they had another anti’s phone number, and the dude whipped out his phone and gave it to him.  I heard the number and the name associated with it.  It made me smirk, because I was told (and have read on this blog) that the escorts have to be very careful not to talk about personal information around the anti-choicers, because they look up the information and harass escorts outside of the clinic sidewalk and look up personal information to use against them at the clinic (aka an anti looked up an escort’s mom’s obituary and tried to goad her with a print out of it).

I would NEVER EVER talk about personal info around them, but yet they have no issue doing it around the clinic escorts. I would never use their tactics, because that is harassment and not why I’m at the clinic.

It struck me as interesting how it would never even cross their mind that something like that would be unsafe and could hurt them personally.  Must be nice to live that world.  It’s sad that they can’t see that the reality they are creating with their harassment of women doesn’t reflect their world of carefree safety and security.

1 thought on “New Escort Story ~ by CB

  1. Sometimes taking the high road is a really tough one when they DO so richly deserve to get back some of what they give out.

    But you are right. That’s really not something I’d ever do to them either. Every time they hit below the belt with those tactics, they deliver a sound smack into the coffin of pro-liarism. So I’m more than welcome to stand back and let them.

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