“The escorts in the orange vests need to take off their vests, fall on their knees and pray for forgiveness from our Heavenly Father. They are accomplices in murder today.”

When summer comes and the weather is nice it is a little good and a little bad, just like rainy weather. We get new antis coming out to put their personal spin onto the judgments and harassing taking place on the sidewalk. We have extremely agitated new antis crowding clients, yelling and posturing before a ready-made audience of the other antis. I don’t know whether the cold keeps them inside during the winter, but they are usually so excited to share the news that “abortion is murder” they forget things like personal spaces, respecting the word “NO”, or just the fact that not everyone in the world agrees with them.

This week we have been treated to one of these enthusiastic antis every day. Of course, he doesn’t know about non-engagement. He stands about one foot in front of us trying to talk to us, or if we do not respond he resorts to yelling at us from the same distance. Then he moves from escort to escort and repeats the process. By Thursday this week, escorts were telling him to stop talking to them and back away. This was said forcefully, but was also ignored.

“You need to hear what I am saying. What you are doing is wrong. You say you believe in a woman’s choice, but how about the babies? 50% of the babies being murdered today are girls. What about their choice? Explain to me the logic behind your belief in choice. It doesn’t make any sense.” An example of total math, science and logic failure.

This day he decided to try the same tactics on a companion. Just at the entrance to the clinic he stood in the companion’s way and said, “You are helping to murder your baby. Don’t commit murder.” The companion whirled around and bumped his chest against this anti’s chest, fists clenched by his side and said, “I had a family member killed last night. Don’t say that to me. You don’t know me.” The response, “Someone should have prevented that murder too.” The companion stood for a few seconds pressed up against this anti, then shook his head and walked into the clinic without saying anything else.

We will really be less anxious for clients and companions when this anti’s newness excitement wears off a little.

I find myself wishing the summer weather would draw these antis to Florida beaches instead of the sidewalk in Louisville.

16 thoughts on “Newbies

  1. These same insane religiously insane people tried to haunt me during my abortion. Sadly there were no abortion escorts that I am aware of; but I had my own words with them… Would have preferred having an escort; you guys are a blessing against these insane anti-protesters !

    • I wish you could have had escorts with you on your day. We try hard to provide a buffer space between the words and actions of the antis and the clients. You found the words to answer them, but you shouldn’t have had to deal with them at all.

      Sending you all good thoughts,

  2. What a contrast between the companion in this case who put aside his own pain to be there for another person as opposed to the one physically trying to stop his partner from exercising her right to make health care decisions. The first one has nothing but my respect and sympathy and also my hope that if he does some day want to be a father, will become one. I think he will make an excellent father. The second, I think, needs to sort out his own feeling before even considering becoming a parent.

  3. Saturday was REALLY BAD. I was just so relieved to get inside the clinic that I didn’t thank the escorts for being there for us. The anti’s are so awful that I have promised myself that I will escort on Mother’s Day Saturday when the anti’s crawl out of their caves

    • Concerned Citizen,

      I agree with you Saturday was really bad with antis blocking the sidewalk as they sang hymns. They were celebrating Father’s Day by harassing people. Sigh. Our post tomorrow will be about the crowds and the challenges and will include video. It really has to be seen to be believed.

      We are all glad we were able to be there for you. I’m sure you were relieved to be out of the crowds when you entered the clinic. Join us next Mother’s Day, or before if you would like. Our training page on this blog tells you how to get started, or you may send an email to and we will give you more details. Keep reading our blog for news of any upcoming training classes too.

      Please take care and thank you for your comment. Your thanks are appreciated.


  4. If the antis are hindering access to the clinic or being threatening, please take pictures and videos. They were so bad at the clinic we escort at when we first started last fall that we were able to take files to the fbi and get some of the protestors on the watch list. One from out of town who was especially bad has an arrest warrant out on him if he shows back up. Things are so much better now that we have gotten the authorities to step up and enforce the law. That and getting publicity to show how ugly and shocking the “compassionate sidewalk counselors” actually are.

    • dr.ah,

      We film and photograph regularly. The clinic works closely with the police, FBI and Dept of Justice. When there is a particularly aggressive anti, like this one, we alert the clinic staff. I agree, police presence helps to calm the atmosphere and getting the word out is important for letting the public know what really goes on every day on the sidewalk. Raising awareness is a lot of the motivation behind writing this blog. I’m glad things are better at your clinic now. Out of town agitators are no fun.

      Thank you,

  5. Ahhh, summer. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the loonies are crawling out of the woodwork.

    I think I’m in awe of that companion. To suffer from dealing with a murder in the family, and then holding it together for the patient at the clinic and be there for her takes some impressive personal strength. To turn around and walk off without violence after having some idiot yapping in your face like a neurotic rat dog about it all is nothing short of heroic. That is a REAL man right there. I wish him and his family only the best right now.

    I’m glad it didn’t escalate. I do hope somebody on the anti side takes Newbie McHyperkins aside and tells him to tone it down before somebody busts him in the face for his big mouth.

    • Longtail,

      I know I am in awe of the companion’s strength. But, we have written before about the antis seeming to want to be martyrs for their commitment to the “pre-born.” I’m not counting on other antis to counsel toning it down. When a client or companion does lash out at an aggressive anti, we hear how unreasonable the client and/or companion are. The provoked beyond tolerance are “regretting their decision” and taking it out on the anti. This is always accompanied by saying to other antis, “Did you see?” I’m really glad this incident did not escalate, but I fully expect this newbie to be the focus of a lot of anger on the sidewalk.

      Thanks, as always,

  6. Having witnessed that moment, I can attest to how incredibly tense it felt. I think I held my breath through the whole exchange, waiting and hoping for it to de-escalate. I was too far away at the time to hear exactly what the companion had said, but that just breaks my heart.

    • Anonymous3,

      We were all holding our breath hoping it would de-escalate. My admiration for the companion’s ability to walk away is enormous.


      • that’s what gives me fuel for this voyage, the calm courage of clients and companions as they trudge through the sludge of harassment and stay on point to do what they decided to do.

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