Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/3/13}

There were two clients and their companions waiting for the doors to open. Of course, we heard the usual things being said to them by the antis while they waited. “What’s the harm in taking 10 minutes to have an ultrasound next door to find out if you have a viable pregnancy?” “You don’t have to do this. We are here to help.” “Stand up for her. As a man you are called upon to protect her.”

Then D decided to up the rhetoric a little from what she usually says. “She looks really young. Do you know they will take her down to the basement to kill her baby and you won’t be allowed to stay with her? What kind of a place doesn’t allow you to stay with her?”

The answer in my head was, “Every outpatient clinic in the US.” I have never seen clinics with spectator seats or benches to have family members watch. Never. How safe would that be? Dermatologists don’t even allow non-patients in to witness procedures. Have you ever had a family member sitting beside you when you have gone to the dentist?

Sometimes the logic used fails to connect to reality.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/3/13}

  1. I guess I’m the exception – my dentist does allow my husband to sit in the corner and he’s never minded me bringing someone along to safe guard me during knock out procedures. As a sexual assault/rape survivor via GHB I get squeamish at the thought of being knocked out around a man/men (even the dentist that’s taken care of me since I was a pre-teen) and always bring someone with me when I’m to have a procedure done where I am unconscious.

    And some clinics do allow a a supporter to hand hold and some do not, it’s really up to clinic policy. So ya’lls clinic doesn’t allow it? That’s no big deal, Planned Parenthoods do not allow it anymore either, it was a way for protestors to get past the lobby and be disruptive at the least and shoot people/plant bombs a the most. It’s a security issue where there are protestors involved, so a long time ago they stopped allowing anyone but the patient back into the clinic proper.

    The fact that your more obnoxious protestors would try and make that into a big deal shows that they are grasping at straws and are just being manipulative.

    I would imagine that some of these women’s partners already feel bad that they cannot be there for there women during the actual procedure to do the hand holding bit and the protestors are just trying to make these people feel worse.

    Ps – I Had an Abortion… Or Maybe I Didn’t: Leslie Cannold at TEDxCanberra 2012

    *Awesome Video I wanted to share, Ted Talks rock ya’ll!

    • Oubli,

      You are the exception for good reason. You are right, for security reasons a lot of the clinics have had to stop companions going into the main part of the clinic. EMW does have such a compassionate staff that if someone needs a hand held, they will do it. We have heard from many, many clients about how the staff kept them company. As you say, anything to make the clients and companions feel bad is the aim in these comments.

      Thanks as always,

      PS: I have seen this video. It does rock. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I guess they have never heard of a sterile field before? A crowd is exactly what everyone needs during a procedure.

    • KyBorn,

      Exactly. That’s what I would want: someone to watch me and contaminate the area.


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