Sidewalk Snippet ~ {5/20/13}

We stood there counting. There were 9 antis out this morning; Donna and 8 men. Four of them circled the block; continuous motion in an attempt to reach any client before escorts. It wasn’t really a full block, more like a half of a city block. Their circle took them past the CPC, through their parking lot, down the alley behind the clinic and between two buildings on the other side of the EMW clinic to reach their starting point again.

They greeted each escort as we arrived, but continued circling. I counted and in a five-minute period they reached their starting point 6 times. Power walking for harassment. This particular group always reminds of a school of sharks. They all dress in dark clothing and are in constant motion.

The other antis divided their time between praying at the clinic windows, preaching at the clinic windows, or talking to clients in the parking lot and on their walk up the sidewalk.

It would intimidate me to face a group of men determined to interrupt my trip for needed healthcare. That’s the purpose.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {5/20/13}

  1. Like sharks, exactly. This reminds me of a video I saw not too long ago of some poor guy who was working security at a music festival. The antis were there with their fetus porn, which he objected to as it was, naturally, considered a family-friendly event. They started circling this guy, yelling scripture and rebuking him, mocking him. It made me think of a feeding frenzy. I don’t know how you can look back at something like that later on and think that you look righteous, or even sane. It was just ugly and brutal. I’m pretty sure that security guard’s heart has not been “softened” towards the antis. Just the opposite, I would imagine.

    • Jules,

      My mind keeps flashing to every undersea film of sharks I have seen when they circle. I don’t feel that security guard’s heart was changed either. That seems to be the newest scheme: to put fetal porn up at family-friendly events. The theory supposedly is to target the young before their hearts or minds are open to the realities of the issues surrounding reproductive justice. This scheme seems to be backfiring on them more often that not because parents’ don’t appreciate their intrusion in what was supposed to be safe events for children.

      Thank you,

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