More Fetus Doll Stories

You are going to think to yourself, ‘Oh no! Not another post on plastic fetus dolls!’ They are pretty fascinating to me when used as a prop by the antis.

We have seen brochures, DVDs, posters of fetal porn, professionally-made signs, hand-made signs, four-foot crucifixes, rosaries, gift bags and a variety of other things carried by the antis in attempts to intimidate and harass clients.

The plastic fetus dolls are frequently seen on the sidewalk. They come in pink, brown or black. The anti selects the one they think most closely matches the client and holds it up in their faces. The height they are held depends on the anti, but they are always lovingly cupped in the hand. Some of them hold them directly at eye level, while others hold them just under the level of the clients’ chin.

One morning recently, D had one brown and one pink in her hand to hold out to clients waiting by the door. Since there was more than one race represented, I guess it saved time to put them both in the same palm instead of switching from hand to hand as D said, “This is the size your baby is now. Look at it.”

A companion asked D for permission to pick one up. They turned it over several times, pinched it, and then put it back in D’s hand. “This doesn’t look like me or anyone I know.” That is what I have been saying for a long time.

This week, D decided to escalate the doll props. She came out with a new set of dolls in varying sizes. This video an escort captured is her explaining them. 


For those not able to view the video, here is a transcript of what she is saying:

  • Innocent, defenseless, unsuspecting child. Abortion is the ultimate act of terror. Look at these little babies; seven to ten weeks. Put that up on your website. It might change the hearts of some of those people.

We took her advice about posting the video on our blog, but it may not be the way she intended.

Another escort found this site where you can purchase sets. They describe it, “This new fetal model set is not like any you’ve seen or used before.” For $85.00 plus shipping you too can have a set to harass clients trying to access their health care provider. We are wondering how many sets D thinks was enough to hold in front of clients’ faces. Did she purchase sets in all of the color options?

There is always something new the antis will think of to try to intimidate, harass and shame clients. There are always new props brought out when the old ones proved ineffective.

Escorts will always be there to document their attempts.


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8 thoughts on “More Fetus Doll Stories

  1. I watched the video and listened to Donna, and immediately I thought about Gerri Santoro and Savita Halappanavar, and then about you and the valuable women that go into the clinic.

    Little plastic dolls do not compare to them.

    • Longtail,

      You are so right. Those already here and living have so much value. Your comment produced an emotional reaction from me. There are not too many days I am at the clinic when the images of those I have known and know of don’t flash through my thoughts; photos I have seen of Gerri Santoro, Savita Halappanaver and others, or thoughts of friends who have been lost. It makes it hard for me to relate those little plastic dolls to real lives.

      Thank you,

    • A.R.,

      Yes, they use “pre-born baby” frequently. I don’t believe I have ever heard an anti say “fetus.” They usually say just “baby” for any stage of development. The site is disturbing to me too, so my apologies for sending you there. I do not usually include links to anti sites, but made an exception in this case so people could see the props.


  2. Hang on a moment, though. That 7-weeker is more than twice as big as a real one – it should be about half an inch long. And what’s that monster thing on the right? A ten-week embryo should be about the size of a cumquat, not a lime. Who licensed these?

    • Gillian B,

      Exactly the point! They are so not representative of the weeks they claim. Guess who makes them. They are a favorite prop of anti-abortion protesters all across the country.

      Thank you,

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