Sidewalk Snippet ~ {4/8/13}

“Show some respect. There are 26 babies being murdered in there and you are laughing and dancing around.”

D sure knows how to bring a conversation to a standstill. All of the clients were in the clinic and we were waiting for late arrivals before leaving. Another escort and I were standing at the entrance to the clinic and talking about the weather, ballet, and what had happened in our lives during the time we had not seen each other. We were laughing as we traded stories and were enjoying each other’s company.

When D made her proclamation, we both turned to her and said her name. You know, in the way you say someone’s name when you can’t believe they just said something so off-subject and unaware.

It had been a day with a lot of antis and D always gets energized when she has an audience. Earlier she was stomping up the sidewalk beside another escort and telling them, “I am not a protester. You know I am out here to protect babies. You are an accomplice to murder.” The three other antis in the area were watching her performance and letting her know how they appreciated D’s words afterwards.

It seemed inevitable that she would try a repeat performance. Unfortunately for D, her witnesses did not see her encore performance. E was the only other anti present and he has heard it all before. She was left with no praise and only our backs to her face as we continued our conversation.


REMINDER: If you are interested in escorting, don’t forget the training on Saturday, April 13th at 9A.  Training is not required, but it’s helpful. Please see our Trainings for Escorts page or email us for additional information


REMINDER: Our annual  fund drive Pledge-A-Picketer is NOW!

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is the biggest protester day of the year.  It also is the date  where we count protesters for donations to support the pro-choice effort and the escorts.  You can pledge a certain amount for each protester showing up that morning. If you prefer, you can also make a straight monetary donation.

Use this form to make your pledge:




2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {4/8/13}

  1. I think a lot of protesters out there are mostly giving themselves a sermon. Their little shows are mostly for themselves and other protesters. If they can “get one” from outside, that’s a whole reaffirmation of THEIR faith.

    Well, if nothing else, D is interesting blog fodder. I like hearing about her nuttery.

    • Longtail,

      I agree on the sermons for themselves and the little shows. We don’t repeat a lot of the things we hear daily on the sidewalk, especially from the ‘I am not a protester. I am a counselor’ group of men that come out to let everyone know they are sinners. A recent morning one said, “I am a murderer in my heart. I am not judging you. I’m just like you. God will forgive you like he does me.” Whew. A lot to unpack there.

      D is interesting and we write about her a lot; probably too much, but she gives us so much material and she is there every day the clinic is open.

      Thanks as always,

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