Big Lies

“It was horrible,” said the client to their companion after leaving A Woman’s Choice (AWC). Then the client started crying.

The most common lie told on the sidewalk is meant to lure clients into the CPC next door. “Sidewalk counselors” promise a free ultrasound and tell the clients they will have to pay $275 more to get the ultrasound with their appointment at the abortion clinic. Clients believe them because they do not want to spend any more money than necessary and besides, why would someone lie about this?

We have written about this many times. It is still a lie. The ultrasound required before an abortion is included in the fees the client is quoted for their surgery. INCLUDED = No extra funds required. Any ultrasound performed by AWC will not be accepted by EMW Women’s Surgical Center (EMW). The client will still need an ultrasound performed by the staff of EMW. It is a deception meant to get the clients to go into the CPC. Once inside they are delayed, shamed and attempts are made to change their decision to abort.

The antis tell escorts they aren’t lying. After all, they do give the clients a free ultrasound. They argue that the fee is separately stated on the price list they have gotten from EMW, so it must be an additional charge. Explaining to them that if someone walks into EMW and requests an ultrasound, but doesn’t need or want an abortion is the reason for the separate listing falls on deaf ears. I have to assume they have never read price lists from any other medical clinic.

The second most common lie is the constant refrain of an increased risk of breast cancer because of abortion. As explained to me by an anti, the cancer link is because of, “stimulation of the milk glands and then not nursing that causes cancer.” Seriously?

Dr. Jen Gunter wrote an article on this ever-present and disproved statement earlier this month.

  • In 2004 the Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer evaluated the worldwide epidemiological evidence on the possible relation between breast cancer and previous spontaneous and induced abortion ad found no link. The results, drawn from 53 studies, were published in the Lancet.

  • A new study confirms this data, that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer. The data come from a study of over 25,000 Danish women from the DIet, Cancer, and Health study. The women completed questionnaires and then were followed for an average of 12 years. This kind of study is probably the best way to look at two common and emotional charged occurrences, like abortion and breast cancer, because there is no recall bias. When something bad happens it is human nature to look back and try to assign causality, but collecting the data prospectively removes this element. The study was also well-powered to detect even a small increase, so another plus.

Dr. Gunter goes on to quote the National Cancer Institute’s study in 2003 disproving any connection between miscarriage, abortion and breast cancer.  

But the antis do not believe the National Cancer Institute’s studies. In fact they do not believe any of the studies disproving any causative link between abortion and breast cancer. It doesn’t fit their narrative used in attempts to scare and harass clients into not having an abortion.

Please read Dr. Gunter’s whole article, but I have to agree with her conclusion:

  • The studies that “found” an association between breast cancer and abortion were flawed and have since been disproven by the National Cancer Institute, the published Lancet review, a myriad of other studies, and the latest study that I referenced above. Using discredited/flawed data to make your case is like saying in 2013 that we know the earth is flat because someone proved it to be so in 1321 and to ignore everything  published on astronomy, physics, and space exploration since.

  • It’s a shame that we need more studies to prove what we already know. But until state governments and organizations like the American Association of Pro-life OB/GYNs believe that science is a more important guiding principle than religious belief, we have no other option. To say there is causative link between abortion and breast cancer isn’t just stretching the truth, it’s a lie.

There are more big lies that are told every day to clients arriving at the clinic, but these are the two that I find personally most disturbing. The first is the lie to coerce clients into an anti-abortion clinic for an hour or more of shaming and harassing. The second is the lie to scare clients with the word “cancer.”


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6 thoughts on “Big Lies

  1. That is just…revolting. I can’t even put into words how disgusted I am at this.

    This is why I call them pro-liars.

    Lying for Jesus is still lying.

  2. The only real way to stop this nonsense is to pass and enforce laws about lying to clients and false advertising. Are these fake clinics held to HIPAA standards? What about the sidewalk counselors?

    • KYBorn,

      No, the CPCs are not usually covered by HIPAA laws. It is a problem. Our article titled “Antis, Hospitals, Real Doctors and HIPAA” from July 2012 explains this loophole for them. The clinic and “counselors” are not bound by any confidentiality regulations. There have been cases at other clinics where client information, complete with descriptions and names, have been published. The CPCs around the country have successfully fought off attempts to curb false advertising by claiming religious freedom. Only a few states have passed regulations requiring signs in the CPCs that say they do not offer or refer patients for abortion. It is pretty frustrating to only have their own ethical standards to be the standard for not lying to clients and companions. That standard does not work.


    • Sandl1878,

      EMW does talk to patients about AWC and the antis when they make their appointment. They also consistently tell them to watch for the orange vests of escorts. The problem is there are so many things for the clients to remember. There is a lot of information for them to remember, including pre-surgical instructions. Some clients do not always remember everything. The lie about the ultrasound happens frequently, but most of the clients do not get taken in by these claims. We just feel badly for those who do.

      Thank you,

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