Pledge-a-Picketer ~ 2013

Seven Saturdays away from the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

That has a nice rhythmic flow, doesn’t it?  I was going to make it a poem, but I really couldn’t think of the next line.  I mean:

“Standing in a line, their rosaries keeping time” doesn’t really work.

“Chasing people down, spreading shame around…” is mediocre, at best.

So I let that idea go.  But it is time for our annual fund-raiser.  This will be the fourth year that we’ve taken advantage of a day when protesters turn out in droves.

In 2009, between 275 and 325 protesters showed up.  This was before we started doing the fund raiser, but thanks to the call-out we do for extra escorts there were about 70-80 escorts there.  A camera crew showed up, doing a special on teen pregnancy that year, and it sounds like it was a real mess.    There’s a post here that describes it.

We started pledge-a-picketer in 2010.  It’s a simple fundraiser.  You pledge so much for each protester who shows up, we count the protesters, and the more of them there are, the more money we raise for escorts {vests, training costs, and other miscellany} and abortion access. The idea was a great success – we had 255 protesters, 87 escorts, and a relatively uneventful day.

It is a lovely moment, when most of the protesters have arrived and we get to walk down the line counting.  It baffles and annoys them, but it’s the one time that we can enjoy there being plenty of them.

In 2011, the day before Mother’s Day coincided with Derby Day, so the clinic closed.  We really do shut down the city for Derby.

In 2012, Pledge-a-Picketer was back.  Interestingly, we only had 151 protesters.  The number of escorts dropped too, but 40 was plenty for the crowd.

Enough nostalgia.  It’s that time of year again.  If you’ve ever thought about escorting, or if you escort on the big occasions, like Mother’s Day, now is the time to think about joining us.   We’ll be having a training too, more details on that soon.

And it’s time to pledge-a-picketer.

We’ll be including this form in our posts from now until The Day, but don’t wait to til the last minute, pledge now:

8 thoughts on “Pledge-a-Picketer ~ 2013

  1. I’ll be donating again as well…money well spent. I would love to see this suppress the numbers of protestors. Any chance someone can make one of those big fundraising thermostat looking posters that you can have someone designated to fill in as anti’s arrive? I’d do a big bonus for that too 🙂

    • Thanks for the pledge Sara ~ and I LOVE the thermostat idea!! That would be too much fun!

      Ok, so it wouldn’t be de-escalating. Sigh… We never get to do the fun stuff.

      Thanks for the support though. 🙂

  2. And if you get more than 200 picketers, I’ll throw in a bonus. But only if you count the protesters, and laugh in a delighted manner when you get to 200.

      • (The comment underneath is also me – silly system looked like it hadn’t worked)

      • Sorry about that ~ I know that having to wait for approval on comments often makes me feel like what I said has disappeared completely into cyberspace!

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