Sidewalk Snippet ~ {3/4/13}

Another escort and I arrived early, but a client had already parked behind the anti-abortion clinic. The client and companion were inside AWC when we arrived. They exited in about 5 minutes and moved their car.

When they came back to park in about 30 minutes, they parked on the curb. We escorted them to the clinic doors.

As we approached the entrance two of the antis rushed towards the client and companion saying, “Come back next door. We can give you a free ultrasound. We can help you.” The client turned and shouted at them, “You don’t know me and and don’t know anything about me. Leave me alone.” The companion calmed the client and they entered the clinic doors.

When they were signed in, the companion came out to move their car to the $3 parking lot. As we were walking down the sidewalk, D asked the companion why they left AWC. “Because you lied to us. We have made our decision.”

The companion expressed outrage to me that AWC would trick clients into entering their clinic. We agreed it was unfortunate, but we were glad they found out where they were in a short period of time.

A little later another companion exited the clinic and I walked them to their car. They asked, “Did I hear a fight at the door when I went in?” I replied, “No, a client was upset with the protesters and was yelling at them. It happens sometimes.”

Why the antis think tricking, lying and harassing clients will sway them to trust what they say is still a mystery.

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {3/4/13}

  1. I think in their minds, they literally believe that the doctors are committing murder and the women coming to the clinic are deluded sluts, so deceptive and immoral tactics like lying, tricking, and harassing people are OK to use compared to that.

    They are scary people.

    • Longtail,

      There seems to be a “the end goal justifies any means” at work in a lot of their words and actions. It is just that the end goal is controlling another person’s reproductive choices. Fanatics are always scary people to me.


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