Saturday Stories (3-2)

I did another video of the gauntlet – it lacks the excitement of the real trip because it doesn’t have people running at us talking.  In fact, you can hear the pony-tailed guy on the left say he doesn’t know why I do this, it’s the same people every week.

But it’s not quite the same video.  This week, at 34 and 41 seconds, you can see Camera Joe on the right, videotaping me videotaping him.  But better than that, my favorite part, at 51 seconds, Donna comes up behind me and says,

“Get a picture of the deathscorts blocking the entrance.”

It makes me laugh because clearly she doesn’t realize I’m videotaping.

But also it amuses me because this is their new thing.  That we’re the ones blocking the entrance.  This accusation from Donna actually led Servalbear to engage with her – something she rarely does.  But I’ll let her tell that story herself… if she wants to sometime.

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Trauma sensitive Consultant and Coach for Compassionate professionals who experience second hand trauma and are at risk of burnout so they can keep doing the work that matters to them and to the world.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Stories (3-2)

  1. For goodness sake, does that crazy woman not understand that you are there to help people who want to get to the clinic with a minimum of stalking, shouting and otherwise obstructing the sidewalk? They are really grasping at straws. As far as the “sidewalk counselor” label goes, it is complete and utter garbage. I can call myself Princess Acorn III Queen of All the Unicorns but that doesn’t make it so. After reading accounts of the actions of the “sidewalk counselors” outside a clinic where a woman unfortunately later died following a rare complication I have to say these “counselors” seemed to spend more time stalking patients and their families, finding hospital employees to violate public law, digging through trash, combing obits, hunting down Facebook and Pinterest and reporting gossip so they can shame the family I won’t name on a site I won’t name. I don’t know about anybody else, but generally “counselors” are required to have some sort of training and are obliged to have a license from the state and maintain confidentiality. The gentleman who did my pre-marriage counseling certainly fell under those guidelines as did the therapist I saw following a traumatic event in my life. Ah well, I’m sure you all know this so I will stop rambling.

  2. The exchange with Donna was actually funny. Maybe it was pony-tailed guy leaning into me to say, “You’ll be warm soon” every 15 minutes while we were at the clinic door, or maybe just Donna’s toe-to-toe accusation of another escort. Donna accused an escort standing beside me of blocking the entrance to the clinic. The other escort didn’t respond, but I did by saying, “She’s not blocking. You are.” Of course, Donna denied that and I responded we were not blocking because we move away and she did not. She said I needed to get my eyes examined by an ophthalmologist since I was not seeing clearly. In true engagement form now, I laughed and asked her if she could recommend any. “I know five ophthalmologists.” It was just after this exchange that Donna told fml to get a picture of us “blocking” the entrance.

    The two favorite things antis say we are hearing on the sidewalk: 1. We are not protesters. 2. We aren’t blocking the entrance, you are.

    No matter how much I try not to engage, sometimes it is just impossible for me to resist.


    • I find it interesting that they don’t want to be called protesters. If they aren’t protesters, then what are they? And why do they dislike the term protester? And why would you block the doors to your own clinic?!

      Donna seems like an extremely bitter and angry woman in general and kind of mentally ill.

      • Longtail,

        They really hate it when we call them protesters. All of them react with statements of their love of babies as the reason they are out there protesting a client’s right to decide when or if they continue a pregnancy. Personally, I don’t think they know what the word means. Amanda wrote a good perspective on that last month.

        Donna is bitter and angry all of the time. I cannot speak to her mental health, but I can’t believe the sidewalk is the only place she employs her worldview to bully others.


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