Sidewalk Snippet ~ {2/25/13}

We escorted a client and companion to the doors of the clinic before they opened. There were not many antis out that morning, but they were determined to stop, block and yell. We had to dodge around them at the entrance.

The client and companion talked to a couple of escorts while waiting for the door to open. They were asking about how they could join the escorts. We explained our website and training. They were asking us how we were able to ignore what the antis were saying and doing. We explained about “the thousand-yard stare”, non-engagement and daydreaming about what we needed to do later in the day.

Sometimes the antis present on the sidewalk are our best tool for recruiting escorts.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {2/25/13}

  1. That’s awesome! I hope they follow through with it and you get some more people in your ranks. 🙂

    I wonder what that means to the AC’s and their little “tally” game they play. If they “win” a client to come over to their fake clinic as a goal, does turning one into an escort mean there it’s a penalty?

    The things I wonder when I need coffee…

    • Longtail,

      That would be a nice balance to the equation, wouldn’t it? There should be penalties for “holding” in AWC definitely. It is really a great recruitment tool. We have many escorts who started out being a companion or client. They just cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing. Sometimes, I can’t either.


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