Questions that Aren’t Really Questions

Servalbear recently wrote about our excellent experience with Jobstr, and the high quality of questions asked, which you can read about here if you missed it the first time.  By the time she wrote about it, the first flurry of questions had died down, but her post unleashed a whole new run of questions.

Jobstr had been very clear from the beginning that if we got questions we thought were inappropriate or insincere, we could delete them.  So that’s what we did with this first one of the new batch:

Q: “Adults Vs. unborn children! Don’t you think that your job is a clear example of legalized injustice?”

Of course, we could have answered it instead of deleting it.  If we had, it might have looked like this:

A:  No, we don’t think that escorting is an example of legalized injustice.

We soon realized that the Jobstr site had been linked to a column by a national pro-life blogger.  I won’t link to her here ~ email us if you have a pressing need to find her column.

We answered some of the questions they sent ~ the ones that could actually be considered questions ~ and deleted a number.  But the ones we deleted began to amuse me, and I can’t resist answering them here.

Q: “Do you ever feel like a Nazi soldier….leading a person to their demise?”

A:  No, never.

That was certainly a straight-forward question, and easily answered.  Next?

Q: “Would you have helped walk me into a clinic 10 years ago if I’d opted to have my daughter killed in an abortion during my experience with crisis pregnancy? If so-and abortion is really all about “women’s rights”-where were hers?”

A:  Yes, of course we would have walked with you.  The fetus that eventually became your daughter didn’t actually have any rights at that point ~ she was a potential person, not an actual person.


The easy answers here are the straight-forward ones.  No, I don’t feel like a Nazi.  Yes, we would have walked with you.  The sub-context of the question is more interesting.

I think she’s implying that if we had walked with her to have an abortion, it would have been a terrible, awful, evil because her daughter would not have been born.  But that choice was hers; whether or not we would have walked with her is irrelevant.  That is the whole point of the slogan “Trust Women.”

The further implication, I think, is “I chose not to have an abortion, and that worked out well for me, so all women should make the same choice.”  I will let you make your own logical analogies to that.

Q: “Do images of dead babies and mangled fetuses haunt your dreams? If, in the next life, you meet the killed pre-born children, what do you think you will say to them? And visa versa?”

A:  No, they don’t.  If in the next life I meet a fetus that had been aborted, I guess I would say “Hi.”  I mean, what else could I say?   I don’t think that’s likely to happen, but if it did, I think the fetus would thank me for being with the woman who chose to release them to heaven when those protesters were out there harassing her and making it more difficult for her.

I think this person has some mental image of dead, un-born babies rising up to meet me at the pearly gates, confronting me with my evil ways, and laughing as God sends me down to the depths of hell for being a baby-killer.  You know, I just don’t think that’s going to happen ~ don’t think it on so many levels that it doesn’t even make my list of things to worry about.

Q: “You answered to Sarah ” If they decide to talk to the protesters, it is their decision and we will not interfere.” That is not true. I have witnessed time and again escorts elbowing the folks trying to give pamphlets. What do you say?”

A:  What you’ve witnessed is protesters stepping into our personal space and trying to go through us to shove a pamphlet in the woman’s face after she’s asked us to walk with her, and often while she’s saying, “No,” or “No, thanks,” or “Get away from me,” or some such indication that she does not want the material.  I can see where that would be confusing to you,  I suppose.

And finally:

Q: “I’ve heard that women can become distressed/emotional when leaving the abortion clinic after the procedure is completed. Do clinic escorts also offer encouragement to exiting patients?”

This might sound like a straight-forward question too, but when we got it, Servalbear had already answered the question about whether we’re there when clients leave.  In fact, she answered it twice.  So obviously a simple, “No, we leave when the protesters do,” was not answer enough.  Really, the rest of the answer to this particular non-question is something like this:

A:  No, escorts don’t provide post-abortion counseling or support.  Some clients do experience distress post-abortion, or have feelings about the abortion, and may be referred to Backline or Exhale for support.   Often, at abortion speak-outs, we discover that women have felt distressed about the circumstances that led to the abortion, or even about their experience entering the clinic, rather than with their decision to have an abortion.

But, as I’ve mentioned before here, this is another reminder for me to continue working on a more complete referral list for support post-abortion.

I think maybe this post is just an exercise in indulgence for me ~ I just had an urge to share their non-questions ~ these accusations with a question mark at the end.  Just one more reminder of the real distance between us on the sidewalk.

11 thoughts on “Questions that Aren’t Really Questions

  1. Q: “Do you ever feel like a Nazi soldier….leading a person to their demise?”

    Considering that I’m of Jewish descent and several members of my extended family were actually murdered in Auschwitz, no, I don’t really see the resemblance.

    Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel himself said that people who compare abortion to the Holocaust “prove they don’t know what the Holocaust was.”

    • Hi, Sandl – And I feel like apologizing for the offensiveness of their comment. When it’s put in its proper perspective – as you do here – it’s beyond offensive. Thanks for reminding us of that.

  2. I’m not shocked but still amazed that people take the time to post these idiotic comments. I call them comments because they aren’t questions just slams at people who are different from them. If these people put nearly as much effort into helping people already on this planet rather than trying to “save” embryos the world would be a much better place. They really think they are being harassed because they aren’t allowed to block people from walking or going into the clinic. In any other setting, if a man was following me down the sidewalk shouting at me, calling me names and refusing to get out of my face even after being told to do so multiple times they would be arrested. Because it is about abortion, it is apparently A-OK.

    • Hi, KYBorn,

      You’re so right – they are comments rather than questions. And I agree that their energy could sure be helpful directed elsewhere.

      And yes. It’s amazing that they can do that outside the clinic and they would get arrested anywhere else. Sigh…

  3. Q: “Do you ever feel like a Nazi soldier….leading a person to their demise?”

    “Do you ever feel like an Al Qaeda terrorist harassing, shaming, frightening, and oppressing women because they aren’t following your personal set of religious rules?”

  4. These questions are just examples of how, on the sidewalk, though you are merely elbows away from one another, you are worlds apart! And THANK GOODNESS!

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