Sidewalk Snippet ~ {2/11/13}

We had almost as many escorts as there were antis on the sidewalk, but M was there and she is always a problem. Most of the clients were escorted to the clinic door without issue.

The last client and companion pulled to the curb close to 8a. We went down to talk to them, but M was racing to beat us to them. As they got out of their car, M started talking and telling them, “Come to A Woman’s Choice and find out about all of your options.” The companion replied, “We know them. We have made our decision. Move away from us.”

Of course, M didn’t move away. She started to press up against the client holding a plastic fetus in her palm for the client to look at. The companion said, “I asked you to give us some space. Since you won’t do it, I will do it for you with my body.” The companion blocked M and kept her behind the client as we continued to walk to the clinic door.

I am always surprised at the total lack of awareness of personal space and the meaning of “Move away” M always exhibits.

You would think my capacity for being surprised would have run out by now.

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {2/11/13}

  1. Is a buffer law only at state level or could one be done at a local level? It would seem to me (at first glance) that a local law would have a better chance of passing.

  2. Time to start encouraging clients and their companions to eat lots and lots of onions and garlic before they arrive and breath heavily at any anti that comes near them. That’d create a buffer zone!

    “Hey, where you going? I thought you wanted to give me a plastic fetus!”

  3. *shaking my head* and still Kentucky doesn’t feel that there needs to be enforced “space” for these women? Un-believable…what I hope is that it doesn’t take what happened in Boston 20 years ago to open some eyes to this problem.


    • Kirsty,

      We hope it doesn’t take that too. Unfortunately, the government of the State of Kentucky is writing bills again to make abortion harder to access instead of considering the physical need for safety zones around the clinics. We will keep trying to get an enforced buffer/bubble zone. We need it.


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