For Your Viewing – um, not pleasure exactly…

i have a video today – it’s divided into two parts, just because it was too long to send all together.  I didn’t take this one.  It was taken one morning a couple of weeks ago when there was a group of clients waiting for the doors to open,

This first clip is the man I call Paul.  I have no idea what his real name is – for all I know, it is Paul, but I think I just made that up.

As you can see, he is trying to make the case that if the Bible refers to a fetus as a baby, it means that God is saying a fetus is a the same as an already-born child and abortion is wrong.  The logical errors in that are big enough to drive a truck through.

In the background, you can hear the trio singing gospel, and the buzz of escorts, clients and companions, chatting with each other.

Towards the end of the clip you hear Andrew.  He says, “This is no light matter we’re talking about, this is your son or daughter…”  and then he argues, “If you had a two year old, if someone tried to harm your two year old, would you not stand up for your two year old??”

Um, yes, Andrew, just for the record, if this were my two-year old, I would certainly stand up for them.  But it’s not.

The second half of the video is here:

Paul says  “Ma’am you cannot block it out.  This will stay with you the rest of your life.  We got people that know – we got people that been through it. These ones who are here talking with you will not be here for you when you’re done.”  That’s the line he used on me that day, the one that made me realize how important it is to have a support system for afterwards.

I went to an abortion speak-out for the Roe v Wade anniversary celebration.  One of the women who told her story was about my age, her abortion was probably 30 years ago.  She told me later that she had never told the story before.

She said it felt good to say it, to lay it out to a group who would be supportive.  I’m glad she did, and it makes me a little sad to think she carried it in silence all these years.

One in three women has an abortion.  One in three.  How many of us are walking around holding that secret, clutching it to ourselves?   But we are creating space for women to speak out now –  to push back on the stigma and shame.

It occurs to me, as I watch this video over and over so I can capture their words – I think, if we keep posting videos, eventually, all the antis will be here.  And they say the same things over and over.  So if you’re going to  the clinic, you can come meet them here first.  Get to know them.

Then when you come to the clinic, whether you’re a client or a companion, instead of being freaked out and horrified, you’ll be like, “Oh!!  That’s Paul – just like the video!!  Oh, that’s Mary!  Yep, look, she’s got that little plastic fetus she’s trying to shove in my face! And there’s Donna!”  You’ll say, “I know these people – it’s just like on the blog!”  And their hateful words will slide off you like water off a duck’s back.

That’ll help until we get a buffer zone. Then they won’t be able to get up in your face to yell at all.

15 thoughts on “For Your Viewing – um, not pleasure exactly…

  1. Oh, and good point on familiarizing your audience with these protesters using the videos. I’m sure to the clinic employees they are the same crazy old bats to be ignored, but to someone new they might be taken more seriously. I think your idea about this is a very good one.

  2. Was the first guy performing for your camera or was he actually talking to a client near you? I’m sure it was annoying either way, i’m just curious. It looked like he was speaking to you.

    • Hi, Linda,

      Good question! He was actually talking to clients. They were waiting for the doors to open, so he was speaking directly to them. Could have been us though. When no clients are available, we are.

  3. In this calm moment behind my computer with my cup of coffee and observing the videos, really all I’m hearing out these people’s mouths is “I have my own straight jacket at home.”

    Though remembering back to my own abortion years ago and my mental state of stress at the time (thankfully there were no protesters), I don’t honestly think at that point I could have repeated back to you one word they are actually saying. My one and only thought would be “This person is clearly insane, unpredictable, and possibly violent. GET TO THE DOOR.”

    It’s a pity we can’t tell them how ineffective they are, but I think we all know they are out there only for themselves and nobody else.

    • Hi, Longtail,

      Very funny! “I have my own straight jacket…”

      That’s maybe good though – if people don’t really hear them? I know I’ve seen that with chasers – they’re chasing and babbling but none of it is really being retained.

      They don’t care if they’re ineffective. They’re there cause they like to bully people. We know that.

  4. I truly believe that the spiel of the anti’s is so ingrained and repeated for several reasons: 1 It takes the ability to think independently to come up with new and novel arguments, 2 anti’s find comfort in mindless mantras that can be shared with each other, 3 anti’s don’t actually research facts so the “facts” they have need to be repeated often, 4 “If you say it enought, it must be true” .
    Yes, most of them could just call in their protests, but that would not feed their egos. The ego that tells them that they have a right to interfere with any woman’s medical care. that their beliefs are the only ones of value and that they are important enough to disregard common decency and civil law

    • Hey, Rita,

      Yep, can’t disagree with any of that. Wish I could… It would be nice if things were different.

      Thanks for commenting, and for the support.

  5. The video will be helpful for people to realize that they say the same thing/s to everyone. When I have been able to help escort, it is the same thing yelled at the clients over and over again. The protesters really don’t care about the person or their story. They are out there to make themselves feel better. There is so many better things that they could do with their time to actually make a difference other than harassing and bullying people. It frustrates me to think that on any level this type of harassment is acceptable. Information is power, and the more information that the clients have the better they will understand the spectacle that they will see.
    Buffer zone is common sense…Please keep us updated if there is anything we can do to help the process along.

    • Thanks, “Blue in a red state” ~

      Yes, I had the same thought. It’s easier to recognize that it’s not personal when you realize they just do the same routines over and over.

      Thanks for the support – we’ll keep you posted!

  6. I still cannot believe that there IS no buffer zone. I guess I’d thought that was a universal law. I want to slap that pugnacious paul right in the kisser. Fine, you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one…but stay OUT of other people’s medical choices.

    • Hi, Blueskywoman,

      I know, you’d think that a buffer zone would be a given. But no.

      And yes. It would be nice if people would stay out of other people’s medical decisions. Sheesh. You’d think THAT would be a given.

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