Sidewalk Snippet ~ {2/4/13}

It was extremely cold. There were a lot of antis out; blocking the sidewalk and entrance to the clinic; preaching at the clinic windows.

A client and companion arrived on foot early. As they crossed the street, M moved in and started talking to them; pushing them to try to hand them literature and show them a plastic fetus toy. They just walked directly to the entrance.

When we explained the doors would not open for another 30 minutes, they decided to walk back to their car. M trailed them all the way back, talking non-stop.

The doors opened and shortly after they came back. M was ready for them and tried to prevent them from entering the clinic without success.

Exactly at 8a M said to me, “There is a car in the monthly rental. You need to tell them to move their car. I wouldn’t want them to get towed.” I asked if she was sure they were a client and asked for a description of the car. She said she was sure and gave me the description. I went into the clinic and asked whose car it was. Of course, it was the client and companion that M had chased to and from their car.

I explained to the companion the monthly rental lot would tow their car and offered to show them where to move it. We moved the car and as we were walking back I let the companion know the protester who had been harassing them earlier had let us know about the parking.

We were approached by M again as we got close to the clinic. Both of us thanked her for letting us know about the parking. M just wanted to talk about bringing the client out of the clinic.

M was being helpful, but I have to wonder about the timing.  Why didn’t M tell them about the parking the previous two times she approached them? Was she hoping to delay the procedure by waiting until 8a?

I’m grateful she let the client and companion know, but I cannot help  being skeptical about the timing.

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