Just There to “Help Women?”

This is a video i took last Saturday.


Up til now, I’ve been hesitant about posting some of these videos.  I don’t particularly want the protesters to post videos of us on their websites, so  I’ve been a bit careful here.  But if we want to push for a buffer zone or a bubble law, then I think people need to see the unvarnished version of Days on the Sidewalk.

The men featured in this brief clip are well-known to us – Tim and Ron.  I’ve decided to use the names that we know them by ~ I don’t actually know if those are their given names, or just ones we’ve used to identify them.  For some time now, Servalbear and I had been using initials for the protesters, but that’s kind of pointless too.  Whether I call him “R” or Ron, his actions are the same.  However, I won’t publish both first and last names, even if I know them.

The clip starts with Tim yelling at the clinic windows, as the antis so often do, promising the clients the moon if they’ll come out.  Scholarships to UL, places to live, the job they’ve always wanted.  I would be more impressed with that if I hadn’t heard that the benefits only last as long as the pregnancy, and that once the baby’s born, they disappear into thin air, rather like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.

Than we move to Ron, who’s right in front of the clinic door.  A member of the clinic staff is standing in the doorway.  You can’t see her, but he’s talking to her and a couple of escorts. Ron is the one who thought we should give him some of our ginger snaps a couple of weeks ago.  The person he addresses as “Weasel” is one of our escorts.  Tim joins him to help harass the clinic staff person.

While I was watching them, I kept thinking, “And they claim to be here to ‘help women?’   This is an odd way to do it.”  There are no women being helped in this video…  In fact, all of the clients are already in for the morning, and they can barely hear people yelling at the window.

And of course, while i’m videoing them, some of the antis are videoing me. Sigh.  That’s fine.  I can live with that.

7 thoughts on “Just There to “Help Women?”

  1. What’s truly sickening is that these tactics are being shipped abroad with devastating consequences –

    The Efrat organization achieved notoriety in October after an 18-year-old, Raz Atias, threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend and commit suicide. Atias was killed in a shootout with police on Oct. 19, while his girlfriend survived, in shock, but unharmed. It later turned out that the couple had been suffering great emotional distress after the girl was pressured by the Efrat organization not to have an abortion.
    . . .
    Two weeks ago, Israel Hayom published an investigative report describing the emotional manipulation that the organization’s volunteers employ against vulnerable girls and women considering abortions.

    The investigation found that Efrat receives extensive cooperation from municipal welfare services and hospitals, and that Efrat volunteers even work inside hospitals to persuade girls and women not to have abortions. Efrat has an army of 3,000 volunteers, and a budget of more than 12 million shekels [$3.2 million US] per year received from contributions in Israel and abroad.

    The shaming tactics anti-choicers use caused these two to try and commit suicide – http://www.yourjewishnews.com/Pages/23395.aspx, http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/family-of-slain-teen-accuses-anti-abortion-group-of-brainwashing-his-girlfriend.premium-1.471391

    I don’t have time right now to write this up in a blog post but I figured I would share none the less. Your viddie reminded me of this, how many women’s depressed, suicidal tendencies etc after an abortion were caused by CPCs, sidewalk counselor and other shaming tactics?

    • Wow, Oubli!! I had no idea. Good grief. You’re right, that is a blogpost in itself, but we appreciate the information.

      And I agree, they do complicate the emotional reaction of people after abortion. i don’t think we even know to what extent. That’s another good reason to have a fully array of emotional support services that are non-judgmental.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, as always!!

      • I try to stay current on abortion news from around the world. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little abortion world here in the US or at our particular state/clinic that we lose sight of what’s happening for other women world wide. I try to be especially vigilant about anti-choice tactics being shipped abroad and abortion access for women in other countries.

        Ex – Did you know there are only 2 places in Italy you can get a NHS service covered abortion and it’s illegal to advertise the services there, even Google *censors* the info, I had to go to Bing to find it.

  2. I think I’m convinced that I’d be incapable to looking Ron or Tim in the face and not laughing at them and just getting them angry at me. They’re hilarious!

    • Hey, Longtail,

      You’re probably right, they are ridiculous. And they amuse me too – for a while. But sooner or later, they say something that gets under my skin. And you’re right, if you laugh, they just get nastier. I’m glad they amused you though!!

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