Sidewalk Snippet ~ {1/14/13}

When it gets really cold, I wear a pair of gloves and a pair of mittens over them. The mittens are made to look like red pandas; complete with eyes, nose and ears. They are warm, fun and are a great conversation topic while walking clients to the door.

One morning I was wearing them. D pointed to my mittens and announced to another person standing beside the clinic entrance, “She is concerned about saving those animals, but doesn’t care about the babies they are killing in there. Her son gave those to her.”

D is always trying to prove she knows personal things about escorts. She listens to what we say to each other and then brings what she hears out to try to shame us. She is frequently wrong in her interpretations.

Yes, my son gave the mittens to me and I love them. No, I don’t wear them as a statement for saving red pandas. I wear them because I care about being warm.


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