Belief and Abortion-by fml and servalbear (Re-publish)

This article was originally published December 24, 2011. We liked it and decided to publish it again. 
One of the myths anti-abortion groups spread is that people in support of abortion access to everyone are all godless. Many of our escorts attend services weekly and have deep faith in their religions. There are many religious groups who support abortion. In Louisville, we have the support of several Christian groups, individual churches and connections to other Christian groups around the country.
This week one of us heard an anti tell a client, “Don’t kill your baby this close to Christmas.”  We think there are unplanned pregnancies every day. The most talked about unplanned pregnancy in Christianity is Mary’s. It was unplanned by her.
The above photo is from a billboard in New Zealand. You can read the whole story of how the billboard was put up to promote tolerance of different views and was vandalized because it was “satanic.”
Personally, we think the billboard added humor to a serious discussion. Unplanned pregnancies happen all of the time, every day, all year around. Supporters for abortion access are respecting the choices clients make about their pregnancy.
There is a diversity of beliefs among escorts and supporters of reproductive health and we appreciate and value that.  In honor of that diversity, we want to wish everyone a Happy Hannakuh, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Good Yule, or Happy Festivus ~ lots of joy in whatever holiday you celebrate. For our atheists friends, we hope you enjoy the time with family and friends on these long weekends.


REMINDER: Share your story.

January 22, 2013 is the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Forty years of legal, safe abortions.  This invitation comes from our allies at Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice:

“KRCRC (is making plans for a January 20 event in Louisville, “The Roe Monologues,” to mark those 40 years (four decades, two generations!) since the Roe v Wade ruling, and we need your help.

We’re looking for your story. But also for your mother’s, your daughter’s, your sister’s, aunt’s, girlfriend’s, roommate’s, friend’s story. Fairly brief; 2 to 5 minutes, and starting with the year. (e.g. “It was 1983, and I was trying to finish up my nursing degree, when I found out I was pregnant.” “In 2008, my wife and I had been trying for several years to have a baby. Now she had finally gotten pregnant, but when we got the results of the amnio, …” “1957. I was living in Missouri, and abortion was illegal. When my roommate learned she was pregnant, …” etc)

On Jan. 20 at our event, we will love it if you will present it yourself. But if it’s bad timing, bad location, or you’d just rather not get up to present it yourself, we will be happy to have someone read it for you. Also, you can use your own name or a made-up name, your choice.

We need these stories! – and people need to hear them. Will you help us? Will you spread the word that we’re looking for these stories?

Please email if you think you’d like to participate, either in person or by providing a story for someone else to read.”

By stepping out and talking about our experience we reduce the stigma and shame that surrounds abortion.  By sharing our stories, we support each other and continue building a world where reproductive justice is a reality.


3 thoughts on “Belief and Abortion-by fml and servalbear (Re-publish)

  1. One of the most fascinating things I find about this debate is the religious aspect and watching people trying to come to terms with it. It’s just such a mess of contradictions. Why would a supposedly compassionate god who is personally decides who to give pregnancies to give a family a pregnancy they can’t possibly keep?

    The amount of different answers you can get to that question is astounding. The most common one I get is “God works in mysterious ways.”

    I’m an atheist myself, but even when I was a believer, the whole “mysterious” bit was enough of a hint for me to mind my own business.

    • Longtail,

      And why isn’t the choice for abortion part of god’s plan? “God works in mysterious ways” covers a lot of contradictions.


      • It merits no mention in the Bible, but it DID exist back then along with herbal contraception.

        Also something that existed back then was infanticide, something the Bible is very graphic about. Not to mention the natural infant and mother mortality rate.

        Given that killing infants is a jolly common theme in their own holy book, and the only action the “Holy Ghost” seems to want to make on the subject in modern day is setting off a car alarm, I would say the antis are in the losing camp even by virtue of their own religious beliefs.

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