i was working on a blog post for today when I heard about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Suddenly, the post I was working on just didn’t seem very important.

I can not imagine exactly how the people in Newtown, Connecticut are feeling, but I don’t need a journalist asking them.   The waves of sadness have stretched across the country.

There will be lots of theories about why it happened, and what we could do to keep it from happening again.   Some of those arguments will be along the same divisive lines we already know. Gun control vs the NRA.  Ten Commandments in the classroom vs the Constitution and separation of church and state.

“Pro-lifers” can say it’s because our society doesn’t respect life.  Escorts can say it’s because our society doesn’t make living children a priority.

I don’t think we know what happened, or why.  I don’t know if we can prevent it happening again.  I’m not sure it matters today.

I would call a truce today.  Just today.  A truce to mourn all those children, and the adults, whose lives ended yesterday.  A day to mourn before we put our energy into blaming and yelling at each other.

And maybe if we did that, maybe if we took the time to share the sorrow, maybe we could begin to figure out a way to change things.  Together.


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Trauma sensitive Consultant and Coach for Compassionate professionals who experience second hand trauma and are at risk of burnout so they can keep doing the work that matters to them and to the world.

4 thoughts on “Mourning

    • Oh, you’re right, I”ve heard it too. It was really just a truce for me, you know? I didn’t think they’d really do it.

      But it would have been nice.

  1. I’m all for that. My heart goes out to the survivors and families of the dead. May the dead rest in peace, and may those left behind find support, comfort, and swift healing to the holes in their hearts.

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