40 Years ~ No Turning Back

At the clinic Saturday, we had the bus with the folks from the Bible College show up.  This is the group whose women always wear skirts, and they bring guitars and sing.  They did a lovely rendition of Amazing Grace.

At least I think it was the same group. They used to stand further down the sidewalk, on the other side of the pray-ers, but this week they were front and center.  They were all mixed in with the people who yell at the clients as they get to the doors.  Here’s what it looked like:



Yes there really are two of the blue ABORTION signs and two of the CHOICE signs.

They’re standing in front of the clinic windows in both of those pictures.

If you were coming down the sidewalk from 2nd Street, here’s what you saw on Saturday.  Remember, you’re headed for the concrete “awning” thing that says EMW.

IMG_1807I think it’s a daunting prospect, which of course, is exactly what they want it to be.  They would like to turn the clock back 40 years.

January 22, 2013 is the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Forty years of legal, safe abortions.  This invitation comes from our allies at Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice:

“KRCRC (is making plans for a January 20 event in Louisville, “The Roe Monologues,” to mark those 40 years (four decades, two generations!) since the Roe v Wade ruling, and we need your help.

We’re looking for your story. But also for your mother’s, your daughter’s, your sister’s, aunt’s, girlfriend’s, roommate’s, friend’s story. Fairly brief; 2 to 5 minutes, and starting with the year. (e.g. “It was 1983, and I was trying to finish up my nursing degree, when I found out I was pregnant.” “In 2008, my wife and I had been trying for several years to have a baby. Now she had finally gotten pregnant, but when we got the results of the amnio, …” “1957. I was living in Missouri, and abortion was illegal. When my roommate learned she was pregnant, …” etc)

On Jan. 20 at our event, we will love it if you will present it yourself. But if it’s bad timing, bad location, or you’d just rather not get up to present it yourself, we will be happy to have someone read it for you. Also, you can use your own name or a made-up name, your choice.

We need these stories! – and people need to hear them. Will you help us? Will you spread the word that we’re looking for these stories?

Please email info@krcrc.org if you think you’d like to participate, either in person or by providing a story for someone else to read.”

By stepping out and talking about our experience we reduce the stigma and shame that surrounds abortion.  By sharing our stories, we support each other and continue building a world where reproductive justice is a reality.

8 thoughts on “40 Years ~ No Turning Back

  1. Every time I look at those abortion photos, I simply wonder “What’s the story behind this photograph?”

    I also find it ironic that most pro-liars make exceptions for life of the mother and/or non-viability, and yet they never stop to think about that the pictures they are holding up are probably just that.

    • Both good points, Longtail. We’ll never know the answer to the first one.

      Not all the anti’s make exceptions for the mothers’ life or non-vialbility either, although you’re right, most of the do, and these pictures seem to reflect that case.

      Yeah. It’s ironic, and sad.


  2. True about the “Malachi” poster.
    “Malachi, the literal poster-child for the anti-choice campaign, is a gruesome example of inaccuracy. The back of this 3 x 5 inch card claims that the fetus’s life ends in pain. However, judging from the fetus’s gray skin, it was aborted via laminaria through an intra-amniotic injection or was done to preserve the mother’s life, Andrew Ross. If the procedure was done while the fetus was alive, its skin would be the pinkish color of its left leg.”

    Here is a link that debunks a lot of the photos used by antis:

    • Thank you, sand,

      I really appreciate the information and the link. It’s so important to really get the facts.

      Thanks for reading and commenting too!!

  3. I read that “Baby Malachi” from that poster lifers commonly use was actually a fetus that died in utero. Those have to be removed before they start poisoning the woman. What a fine example of a rare and necessary late-term abortion, lifers!

    • Oh, isn’t that interesting? I figured it was a dishonest portrayal of abortion. I pretty much expect that.

      Thanks for commenting and for sharing that!!

      • Yes it’s what we call in the medical field an intrauterine fetal demise, an abortion was needed because by the look of him a massive infection of some kind killed him and was probably causing septicemia in the woman.

        Otherwise pregnancies that far advanced are usually ended by inducing labor, only the need for a quick removal (caused by infection or hemorrhage) would have necessitated an abortion that would have left him in pieces. Who knows he may have been a wanted pregnancy and an intact fetus for the parents to grieve over is preferred in that case.

        We also don’t know if the damage to the body was done by decomposition either. It is said that the body was frozen when it was found.

        It is simply unethical no matter how you cut it or slice it to use use pics such as these, It belies the DESPERATION of the anti-choice movement. These photos are lies, that VAST majority of abortions do not look like that because they are done so early.

      • Thanks, Oubli. I was checking it out on-line and thought the same thing – only without the terminology.

        Thanks again.

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