Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/19/12}

There were not many antis present on the sidewalk. The client and companion were able to enter the clinic with a minimum of interference.

The companion came back out in a little while to put money in their parking meter and I walked with them to the car. D trailed us to the car talking nonstop, but we ignored her and just chatted together.

The meter fed, we walked back to the clinic still talking. D then said, “Don’t listen to her. She is telling you lies. Her vocation is killing babies.”

This statement registered with both of us. The companion and I looked at each other. I smiled and shook my head. We kept walking and continued our conversation as if nothing had been said.

Sometimes D stretches to find new insults.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/19/12}

    • Kristi,

      Something like that, I guess. Suppose that will be next on the list. The use of the word “vocation” was really interesting, I thought. Always something interesting from D.


      • Yeah, of what D has said here and elsewhere in the other entries, the use of vocation stuck out to me the most. I mean… a specific occupation that you’re drawn to? *laughs*

        Still, it must be really frustrating to her that nothing of what she sees has the opposite visible effect of what she intended. Seeing you guys smiles must have made her incensed.

      • Kazei,

        D was not happy with our reaction at all. What strikes me too is that she has to reach to find new things to say. Sometimes the stretch to be creative in her cruel words is funny. Sometimes it isn’t.


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