Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/12/12}

“Good morning mortuary workers.”

This was a new greeting from D to the EMW Clinic workers. It was followed quickly by her usual, “You can get another job.”  She followed it up with a litany of the names of other clinic workers who had “gotten another job.”

We had a new escort observing this morning and D was ramping up her rhetoric all morning. There were also clients waiting by the door, so she had an unwilling audience.

I am irreverent enough that this just struck me as funny. The sincere way she said it. The words meant to hurt. The need to make herself look knowledgeable about all of the inner workings inside EMW.

Just because she stands in front of the clinic every day, it doesn’t mean she understands what working there would be like. She shows the same understanding and compassion to the employees of EMW as she does to the clients and companions: None.

8 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/12/12}

  1. As a health care worker who has had to walk through protestors (not anti-choice, anti-emergency contraception), I can laugh a little bit at D’s remarks. Some of the protestors at my hospital said the same thing to the staff as we walked in.

  2. Hey, mortuary work is good work! SHE will need it some day. What kind of an insult is that? Yeesh.

    Something tells me that D is the type that yells “Get a job!” at people in lines for foodbanks.

    “She shows the same understanding and compassion to the employees of EMW as she does to the clients and companions: None.”

    Pro-liars aren’t there out of compassion. Not even for the unborn. They couldn’t care less about children. They are there to get a self-righteous fix out of their “godly” work and that is the ONLY reason they are there.

    You can plunk down all the proof in the world showing them that babies are NOT being murdered in the womb, that they are NOT suffering, that women are not being harmed, and abortions are really safe…and they will not feel relief over it. They don’t WANT the truth. They will ignore you, tell you that you are duped, and go back to being horrible people screaming stupid and vile things at the hurt, the vulnerable, and the innocent.

    They WANT their fantasies of babies torn to bits while screaming silently in the womb, they want women to be evil sluts who can’t keep their legs shut, they want the clinic workers to be greasy and bloody cold-hearted bastards who want as much money as possible. They want that to be REAL. Just so they can feel better about themselves.

    Self-righteousness is an extremely dangerous motivation, and it’s a very temping seducer.

    Sorry, I’m rambling. You’re posts inspire a lot of thoughts to flood out.

    • Mikel,

      No, this comment by D was not directed at the escorts. It was directed at the clinic employee. D says this every morning to EMW’s employee as they unlock the door to the clinic. It does come in handy if escorts are away from the door. When we hear D say this, we know the doors are open.


  3. Good lord… “You can get another job”?

    She does know that this is volunteer work, right? As in, you do not get paid and you do it out of the goodness-

    Oh wait, goodness of the heart, yeah, D probably doesn’t understand something like that.

    • Kazei,

      Apologies. I evidently didn’t make it clear in the article. D says “You can get another job” every morning to the clinic worker who unlocks the door in the morning. She knows we volunteer, but we get asked by other antis every week, “How much do they pay you to lead these children to slaughter.”


      • Oh shoot!

        No no,it was my bad… I didn’t read it close enough, but they say that garbage to you? How disconnected from reality ARE they?!

        My comment on her lack of understanding of Goodness of the heart still stands.

      • Kazei,

        They are pretty disconnected. Your comment still stands and I agree.


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