A Guest Escort

Brianne Bilyeu, who writes Biodork, and her mother were in town on Tuesday night.   Brianne escorts in Minneapolis, and had come to Louisville to meet the escorts and experience escorting here.

We (Servalbear and I) met them for dinner Tuesday night {checking election results on our phones often.}  Brianne and her mother were interesting and lots of fun, and we were delighted to get to know the person behind the blog.

Late Tuesday night, of course, we celebrated the re-election of President Obama ~ YAY!!

Wednesday morning, way before the crack of dawn, Brianne joined the group of escorts on the sidewalk.

You know how it is, when you’ve been talking about something {or writing about something} and somebody comes to see what you’re talking about?  You know how you sort of picture it in your head, how they might react, what you’ll say, what it might be like for them?

Well, Wednesday morning, about six escorts showed up on the sidewalk, expecting the usual ten or fifteen week-day protesters.  Instead ~

~~ there were two.  Two protesters.  D, the little red-haired woman, and E, the man who I got so mad at that one day.

No pray-ers.  No sign-holders.  Just those two  And they were kind of subdued.

So Brianne didn’t get to see the things we write about, the things one usually experiences on the sidewalk.  It was ~ well, of course it was wonderful, for the clients.  So that’s all good.  But it sure was surprising.

And we had a lovely breakfast afterwards.  We talked and compared notes on escorting, and hope Brianne comes back again sometime soon.

After that morning, we were kind of hoping this was a new trend for the anti’s, but no.  It was back to business as usual the next day.

If Brianne had only been there today, she could have seen and heard Preacher Guy C saying that the first words Jesus said ~ the FIRST words ~ were “Seek Redemption and Believe the Gospel.”

Which ~ really?  Cause i’m no great Biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure those weren’t the first words Jesus said.   And I’m not really trying to make fun of C, because I’m sure he’s sincere but ~ well, you can see for yourself.

If Brianne had been there today, she could have seen Guido, my very favorite person-who-used-to-be homeless.  Guido arrived and got in the backseat of D‘s car {with her permission, of course} to take a nap.  When Preacher Guy C stared preaching, Guido bounced out of the car, yelling, “STOP making all that NOISE!!  I”M TRYING to SLEEP!!!”

But no preacher is going to stop for that, and C didn’t either.  Guido finally wandered across the street and disappeared, hopefully to find another good place to nap.

I wish I had video of that.

It was a little awkward explaining it to the client who had gotten there early and was waiting for the doors to open.  You can imagine how startled she was.  I just explained it as quickly and matter-of-factly as possible, but thought that it was unfortunate that Brianne wasn’t there to witness it!

Anyhow.  Brianne and her mother were terrific, and it was great to meet her face-to-face instead of just reading her.  And maybe her being here brought us some kind of special luck for the day.  If so, let’s hope she comes back real soon!

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