Celebrations ~ and the Worst Law Yet

For those of us who’ve been following the conservative efforts to eliminate access to abortion and worrying about a Romney presidency, last night was a huge relief.

Obama won.  Todd {legitimate rape doesn’t result in pregnancy} Akin lost.  Richard {rape pregnancy is a gift from God} Murdoch lost.   YAY!!

I’m hoping that more people are aware of the risk of losing reproductive health rights because of the publicity those guys  got.  Maybe we can begin to really push back against some of the laws restricting access.  But it may take us years to make up for what we’ve already lost.

I saw an article this morning that really distressed me.  I thought I was fairly knowledgable about the various assaults on reproductive rights, but this is a new one for me.  Appparently, the law passed in Ohio in 2004, and has been recently reviewed by a panel on the state appeals court.  It was upheld.  Planned Parenthood in Ohio is requesting an appeal by the full court.

According to the article:

The law says that mifepristone may be administered only in the same exact dosage approved by the Food and Drug Administration a dozen years ago, and its use is restricted to the first 49 days of pregnancy.

Medical knowledge has advanced significantly since then, and the F.D.A.-approved regimen is now outdated. By mandating a protocol that is no longer medically supportable, Ohio’s law leaves women who might safely opt for a medication abortion between 49 and 63 days of pregnancy with only a surgical option. Women who choose a medication abortion earlier in the first trimester are forced to consume three times more medication than needed, increasing the risk of side effects.

Incredibly, the panel found that the law did not violate women’s constitutional right to privacy or bodily integrity.

I am just stunned.

We know that legislatures will enact laws requiring medical procedures that aren’t necessary.  But this one requires medical treatment that is contra-indicated.  That can actually cause harm.

How can that be right?  How can doctors and the AMA allow that to happen?

Seriously.  How can anyone think it’s ok to mandate the wrong medical treatment????

Ok.  Rant’s over.

Obama won.  Akin and Murdoch lost.   Obama won…  It could be much worse.

7 thoughts on “Celebrations ~ and the Worst Law Yet

  1. The time is now, we ,the ones that are pro-choice must organize and start demanding from the Deocrats that it is time to start pushing back and pass laws that protect women, whether in the work place or any place or their body.
    They got our vote now it is time to produce some results.

      • If I were any good at writing letters I would do it,but my english is very limited so some body with that ability needs to step up and get it done with the support of a big team.

  2. Stayed up ALL night to watch the polls come in, was ecstatic watching Obama give his speech at midnight!

    Ps – It should be up to the doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment/medication/dosages, no other medication regimen is regulated through legislation. Politicians are NOT doctors, they need to quit pretending they are – that’s just down right dangerous!

    • Hi, Oubli,

      I know, it was wonderfully exciting, wasn’t it??? And with a marvelous happy ending.

      And yes, good grief, doctors should make medical decisions. Period.

  3. Hey, we’re marching ahead. America has stirred from it’s apathy and started listening and now started taking action. They will only get louder and louder. We will continue to protect our sisters, brothers, and their children until then.

    • Hey, Logntail,

      Yep. Now we have a chance to take action within the political system and begin to reverse some of this craziness.


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