Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/5/12}

The client and companion pulled to the curb and asked directions for parking from another escort. They pulled into the private lot I was standing in.

As they were parking, I noticed their “Choose Life” license plate. Since they had not talked to the other escort very long, I asked them when I approached their car, “I noticed your Choose Life license plate. Are you going to the abortion clinic or are you here to protest?”

After a little confusing conversation, they confirmed they were a client and companion going to the abortion clinic. We escorted them to the doors with no issues.

Another escort pointed out they could have borrowed the car. They also could have had a change of heart when it was their unplanned pregnancy.

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {11/5/12}

    • Sandi,

      That article by Joyce Arthur is wonderful. It was what I was thinking about when I wrote the last line in this post.

      Thank you,

    • Yup yup! Protestors in clinics can be *dangerous*, they have a tendency to upset the patients and staff at the least or shoot the staff or bomb the clinic at the most. Ya’ll asked for a clarification in a very direct, carefully worded yet respectful way, it is appropriate that you should ask especially if a bumper sticker or license plate screams that they are the ‘opposition’.

      We have to constantly remind ourselves that pro-life =/= anti-choice to avoid absolute polarization of the issue (it’s serves no one to polarize the issue). It’s best to err on the side of caution, doubly so considering the situation at ya’lls clinic (no buffer zone and rabid protestors).

      It sounds like ya’ll handled the situation beautifully – keep up the good work you do, you guys are truly warriors, shepherds and guardians for these women. Stay safe and warm this winter!

    • FML,

      Exactly. I always have to keep reminding myself. I felt bad for the confusion, but since so many antis have parked in the lot I also felt I had to ask.


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