Some time today, probably in the next few minutes, this blog will reach 225,000 hits.

That’s a lot of hits.

The very first post was written November 29th, 2008.  It started off:

Escorts: 10

Protesters: appox 45

It was cold this morning, a little windy but over all not bad. We got to the clinic about 7:05 and there were maybe 25 protesters, the doors were open and a few clients in line to sign in. Mary was really pushy again this morning. She is definitely back to her old self, pre-harassment citation self.

You can read it here.

Since then, there have been 282 posts.   Different people have written for the blog, and there were always guest posts.   We invite new escorts to write about their experience.

My first post was a “new escort” post, published October 9, 2009.   Deciding to escort was a huge step for me, and a significant step in my life journey, and I was so glad to have a chance to share my thoughts and feelings.

The blog gets hits from all over the world.  In the last quarter, we got over two hits from the following countries:

Country Views
United States 11,355
Canada 615
United Kingdom 361
Australia 250
Japan 225
Germany 102
India 87
Ireland 62
Philippines 34
New Zealand 29
Sweden 29
Denmark 26
Italy 21
Spain 20
Mexico 20
Singapore 18
Turkey 16
France 14
Finland 13
Indonesia 12
Belgium 12
Russian Federation 12
Netherlands 12
Saudi Arabia 11
Pakistan 10
Brazil 9
Hong Kong 8
Poland 7
Bangladesh 7
Norway 7
Portugal 6
United Arab Emirates 5
Argentina 5
South Africa 5
Egypt 5
Romania 4
Slovakia 4
Malaysia 4
Taiwan 4
Colombia 3
Jordan 3
Israel 3
Austria 3

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The post that got the most hits was July 22, 2009.  One of our posts was picked up on Reddit ~ apparently this post, which announced an upcoming training for new escorts.

I’m not sure why that post got to reddit, unless this announcement generated some excitement:

And for the first time ever, we are having an escort exchange! We will be hosting escorts from Cleveland OH here and sending escorts from here up there some time next month.

In September, 2011, we had another post picked up by reddit, and got over 18,000 hits for that month, but I can’t pin down what particular day it was.  That was around the time we had a protester we called “the newest, scariest Dave.’  We had some pretty amazing video of him, pretending to be an unborn fetus talking to its mother.  Gross.

One of the things I noticed in looking back over old days of the blog is how much more we used pictures back then.  Some of the pictures we posted remind me of protesters who’ve disappeared; other pictures are familiar faces.

Compare this picture from September, 2010:

Donna was there. As usual. I wanted to photoshop this to say “Asshole” with an arrow towards her face. But that would be childish. Then again, I had to tell her “No pushing!” a BUNCH today, so maybe childish is ok.

With this one, shot today:

Some things just don’t change.  Today, as I was walking next to a client, the little red-headed woman got in front of me and just stopped.  For the zillionth time.  Really, D?

Anyhow.  I miss the pictures and videos of years gone by, and maybe we can start adding more pictures to the blog again.

But today we’ve reached the milestone 225,000 hits while I’ve been writing this post.  And mostly I want to say thanks to all the people who write for the blog, who read the blog, who share it, who comment, and who help support reproductive rights in any way.

One of the great benefits of escorting has been the people we’ve met.  For example, one morning this week our escort crew will be joined by Brianne Bilyeu, whose blog, Biodork, is one of our favorites.  She’s going to guest escort, and come have breakfast with us afterwards.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later.

It’s lovely to find connections with like-minded people, and the blog has done that for us in so many ways…  Thanks to each of you.

6 thoughts on “Milestones…

  1. Donna — Little red-headed grandmotherly looking woman with neatly done hair and jewelry. Terrorists come in all shapes, genders, and colors.

  2. As I look through the list of countries you’ve gotten hits from, I see many places where abortion is still criminalized/illegal, I bet those women would have no problem braving the protestors if only abortion was legal in their locale. As topsy turvy as it is to have abortion legal yet protested here, let us not forget abortion is a CRIME in many countries across the globe. For example abortion is a crime punishable by 5 years in prison for the practitioner, family and woman in the Philippines. This is the reason I support such organization such as IPAS and Pathfinder Intl, to decriminalize abortion worldwide and to increase contraception.

    Great post!

    • Thanks, Oubli!

      You are so right – of course you’re right, and it is important to keep in mind that we are more privileged than a lot of the world. It’s super important to support organizations that address all aspects of women’s reproductive rights.

      Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Congratulations! This is one of the two or three blogs I visit regularly, the “Sidewalk Snippets” posts are always interesting to read. In fact, you inspired me to escort, but alas, I live in a sane place where people don’t protest in front of doctor’s offices.

    • Thanks A.R.! Lucky you, living in a sane place where women can go to the doctor without being harassed! Thanks for commenting…

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