Another Saturday Morning…

As I get ready to go out into another Saturday morning of protesters with all their venom, I have to try to put aside the latest news.

The city councilwoman asking for volunteer escorts at the abortion clinics in New York. The Indiana candidate for state Senator who thinks that pregnancies resulting from rape are just part of God’s plan.

It makes me so angry, and I remind myself, I don’t need to carry that anger to the sidewalk.

But really ~ they need escorts in New York City now?  How depressing is that?

Of course, the series of Republican politicians expressing their misogynistic  ideas about rape shouldn’t surprise me.  They have always believed those things.  It worries me that they feel comfortable expressing them with such confidence now.

On the sidewalk today, they will be saying the things they always say.  The pleaders and beggars will plead and beg.  “Please don’t kill your little baby,” they’ll say, in pathetic tones.

The commanders will command, “Young mother!  Young mother, don’t kill that baby!  Don’t do it!”

They’ll threaten, “You’ll regret it the rest of your life!  You’ll never forget this day, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.”

They’ll warn, “You could die in there.  You could die in there on the abortionist’s table.”  “Did you know your chances of breast cancer go up if you have an abortion?”

They’ll bargain, “What do you need?  We can give you everything you need.   Do you need a place to stay?  We have a beautiful maternity home where you can stay until your baby’s born.  If you don’t want to keep your baby, I’ll adopt your baby.  Really, I’ll adopt your baby.”

They’ll creep me out with their smarmy, “We love you.  We just love you.”  Sorry, you don’t know the person you’re talking to.   Keep your love to yourself, please.

And they’ll make me laugh, “All that abortionist wants is your money.  He doesn’t care about you.”  “They’ll treat you like cattle and lead you to the slaughter.”  “If there’s a fire in there, you’ll die on the table.”

Ok.    I’ll try not to snicker right there in front of them.

Thanks for letting me vent.  I know all those things are going to happen, and probably some more I haven’t even thought of, and won’t expect.  There’s no point in responding emotionally.  No point at all…

I’ll try to remember that today.

6 thoughts on “Another Saturday Morning…

  1. Vent away. You’ve more than earned it.

    “All that abortionist wants is your money. He doesn’t care about you.” ”They’ll treat you like cattle and lead you to the slaughter.”

    Reminds me of a conversation I had with an anti once.

    “Do you know what an “Abortionist” is actually called?”
    “An OB/Gyn.”

    It seriously doesn’t occur to them why the surgeries only happen in the morning and not the entire day. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the doctors are going to be performing pap smears, prenatal checkups, or even heading off to deliver a newborn that afternoon.

    Then again, thinking isn’t their strong point.

    • Thanks, Longtail,! That’s funny.

      And you’re right – they really don’t get the scheduling thing, and no, they seem to be better at emoting than thinking logically. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I’m a new yorker, and your blog has inspired me to start volunteering. I’ve been going to a place in the bronx since early October. I work full time, so I’ve only been able to volunteer a few times so far, but if its any comfort to you, so far my experiences have been complete non events. I was expecting a huge ruckus, particularly since this is that 40 days for life period, but there were only ever a few protestors out, maybe at the most once a group of about 8, and they didn’t approach or yell. Also, maybe its because new york women are badass (haha) but the clients never seemed bothered, they all strode confidently in and out of the clinic. I’ve actually been thinking i’m not really needed, though I know thats not really true. This is also the first i’ve heard of our councilwoman’s effort to recruit volunteers, i’ll have to read more about that. They might be experiencing more protests at other clinics. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Hi, Linda,

      Well, I’m glad you’re volunteering – and even more glad that it’s been a “non-event!”

      But it sounds like there are places that are worse. Apparently, they had a video from one place where the protesters surround a woman and she ends up leaving without going to the clinic.

      In any case, I’m glad to know you care,and appreciate your work!

  3. I tried, I really tried to be part of this group. However, I felt that I would be unable to remain emotionally distant and eventually unable to stop myself from responding in a negative way to the shameful and de-humanizing acts of the anti-choice protesters. My actions would have reflected negatively on the good work of the escorts, whose work I respect and admire.

    I continue to direct my political and social energy to ensure that women will always have safe and legal health care choices, including abortion.

    When I drive by the women’s clinic, I think of the good people who assist women every day. Thank you for your actions, and I wish you well.

    • Hi, Patty,

      I really appreciate the good thoughts you send our way.

      There are so many ways to help, and so many things to be done in support of women and reproductive health. Escorting is really not for everyone, and it’s only one tiny aspect of the things that support women. The work you’re doing is essential, and makes a huge difference in the long run.

      Thank you very much.

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