Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/22/12}

Usually the regular antis stay on a script we can repeat verbatim. Sometimes the antis get creative with their words to shame and harass.

There was a client and companion who had arrived early and were waiting by the clinic door. When they were asked if they would like to wait in their car until the doors opened because of the antis, they declined saying, “They won’t bother us.”

They were right. They talked to each other and totally ignored whatever D was saying to them.

That’s when D got creative. “You are wearing pink. This baby you are carrying could be a girl. Since you are wearing pink it could be a girl. Don’t kill your baby girl.”

This bizarre psychic pronouncement had no effect on them either. They continued to ignore D. After just a little while, D gave up and walked away.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/22/12}

  1. LOL, I bet D and the rest of the antis are just absolutely peeved by those they can’t phase at all.

    Did you hear about the new clinic that just opened in N. Ireland?

    Keep up on abortion news –

    Love this site, it brings together all abortion related news from around the globe to one place! A word of caution though, it’s not slanted at all one way or another, any news about abortion is compiled here, pro-choice and anti-choice views.

    • Oubli,

      I heard about the clinic in Ireland. The World News roundup in RH Reality Check is really nice too. Thank you for the links.


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