Sidewalk Snippet ~ 10/15/12

This happened about two months ago. There has been no follow up action on the part of the anti, but I still think about it.

I was standing alone by the clinic doors a little before 8a. The clients for the day had already arrived and were inside. We were just waiting for possible late arrivals.

A car drove by slowly. The driver was a white-haired man. Of course, I looked at the car as it drove by to check to see if it was a client. My gaze was met with a direct stare. Almost stopping his car, the driver continued staring at me while drawing his forefinger across his throat. Slow motion car; slow motion gesture.

His collar was too tight? Drive-by death threat? Drive-by intimidation? Drive-by harassment?

Pro-life is such an interesting term to describe anti-abortion sentiments.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ 10/15/12

  1. Silverbear,
    I know we don’t agree on much, but I have to say that what this man did is NOT okay in any way for any reason. His actions do not display the sentiment of all pro-lifers.


    • Stephanie,

      I know that is a true sentiment, you really feel that you wish no harm on any of us. But do you not see the connection from your website painting us escorts as baby-killing, jesus-hating, anarchist fuels this kind of hatred and potential violence?

      If you really disagree with this kind of threat, tone down your rhetoric in your own realm where these type of folks troll.

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