Fall on the River

I love living near Louisville. The river is pretty all year around. The seasons are never extreme. Of course, allergies are bad. Every year the change of the seasons are heralded by rain; lots and lots of rain.  We have allergies and rain to look forward to each Spring and Fall. I for one, take every opportunity to declare my misery.

The other day another escort and I were watching the downpour of rain under the overhang in front of the clinic door. They were listening to me complain about the rain and allergy symptoms. The other escort said to me, “Well, it will be winter soon and we can complain about the cold.”

This got me thinking about the New York City James Farley Post Office building’s inscription.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Escorting is like that quote. We come out early in the morning five days a week, 12 months a year. We come when it is raining, snowing, below zero or over 90 degrees. Some months we come out the sun has risen when we get there; other months we watch the sun rise while standing at the clinic door.

We share tips on dressing for the weather. Who has the least expensive hand warmers? Where can I get a raincoat like yours? How many layers of clothing do you have on? What are the best gloves? Do we have cooler vests for the summer? Is it all right to wear shorts when it is so hot? Where can I get boots like that?

A lot of our time between clients is spent answering these questions. One escort found a supply of rain coats and pants at a local Goodwill and purchased them to pass along to other escorts. It was a cause for celebration for those who didn’t have them.

Escorting has changed my life in many ways. Some of them subtle and some not so subtle. One subtle way has been the change in my wardrobe. There are many things I would not have worn before, but consider them necessary when standing and walking an hour or more early in the morning, such as the two hats I wear together in the coldest months of winter.

All of the changes in my life because of escorting are improvements. I feel fortunate to be able to escort. That doesn’t mean I won’t still complain about the weather.  Thankfully, the other escorts expect me to whine and are good-natured about it.

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