Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/1/12}

A client and companion arrived walking, refusing escort and waving away all anti attempts to talk to them. They were at the door about 5 minutes before the clinic opened.

We explained when the clinic would open and they could wait by the door if they wished, but the antis would talk to them. “No, we’ll just walk around.”

They walked down the sidewalk, again waving the antis away. It was a gesture like you would use to shoo flies. They returned the same way; waving and walking purposefully.

None of the antis interfered or chased them on their walk, even though we had some aggressive regular protesters present. The look in their eyes, or the way they did not hesitate, or the absence of acknowledging the antis, or the shooing away worked for them.

It was very nice to watch.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/1/12}

  1. Give ’em an inch and they will take a mile. I love how they didn’t even give them that one inch to niggle into and because of that the protestors were probably confused and didn’t want that type of conflict they knew they wouldn’t be able to ‘win’. Those clients were too strong willed for them to want to even consider taking crack at, not with the Ricki Ticki Tavi confident look in their eyes and their unforgiving attitude about they had about the protestors presence. Attitude is everything, owning your own space, carving it out if need be and they did just that and they humbled those protestors.

    I wonder if they knew there would be protestors that day and had planned that gambit or just rebuffed them because they were there. I guess we will never know.

    Keep up the hard work and dress warmly – winter’s coming!

    • Oubli,

      We don’t know if they expected protesters, but it was so nice to watch. I like your Ricki Ticki Tavi comment. It was exactly like that!

      Thank you,

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