Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/24/12}

Before the doors opened for the clinic, three escorts were talking together about an incident the day before. It was an upsetting incident to one escort and we were just talking for decompression. We moved away from the clinic doors and all of the antis to talk quietly.

D moved to stand within hearing.

We moved to another position about 6 feet away. D followed us and stood close to us.

We moved into the street in front of a parked car. This was again about 6 feet away from our last position; 12 feet away from our original position. D moved to the curb close to us.

I finally laughed and said, “D, do you want to join our conversation?” She replied, “I don’t want to join you. I don’t care what you are saying.” I laughed and walked away. Yes, I shouldn’t have engaged but sometimes it is just so tempting.

We were able to have our conversation after all of the clients were in the clinic and D was distracted by doing other sidewalk harassment of a pedestrian trying to get to work.

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