Things You Hear on the Sidewalk

First, I want to reference my post from Wednesday.  It occured to me belatedly, thanks to our wise commenters, that I had forgotten the most important value of the pro-access world.

Trust women.

Congressman Whatever’s statement that half of all women having an abortion make the choice based on the baby’s gender triggered a reaction in me that was related to my own beliefs about gender. And of course that’s what his remarks {which weren’t even true} were intended to do.

But really, all I needed to do was remember to trust women to do the responsible thing.  So thanks to the commenters who helped me think that one through!

Anyhow, I escorted Wednesday morning, which is unusual for me, and I was noticing again some of the classic lines the protesters use.  That’s “classic” in a purely sarcastic sense, right?   When I hear them, I have all kinds of comments bouncing around in my head that I generally don’t say.

So since I’m escorting  three days this week, I thought I’d seek relief from biting my tongue here.

They say, “There’s a home for every baby in there.”

I think, “Every baby in where???”

Oh, that’s right, in the clinic.  Not like twins or quadruplets for each client.

But then I think, really?  Have you mentioned that to the kids in foster care waiting to be adopted?  Here are some facts:



{From the North American Council on Adoptable Children here}

Where is their home?  Those kids in foster care…  where is their home?

And of course that ignores the fact that if the client wanted to or were able to carry the fetus until it becomes a baby and then put it up for adoption, they’d already be at the adoption agency instead of the abortion clinic.

Here’s another one:

They say, “Come next door and get your free ultra-sound.  Next door, everything is free!!”

I think, “Now there’s an offer.  Come over here and get free stuff that you don’t want instead of having to pay for a medical procedure that you do want.  That’s a heck of an offer.”

Along those same lines, they say:

“Come next door to A Woman’s Choice.  If you go in there {the abortion clinic} they only offer you one choice.”

I think. “That’s right!  It’s the abortion clinic!  That’s why the clients are here ~ they’ve already made a decision, they want an abortion!  They’re not looking for a choice, and they’re not looking for “free stuff.

A new twist on the admonition to men, “Don’t be a wimp, stand up for your baby,” is “Don’t be a weasel.”

Really?  A weasel?  How is he being a weasel?  I mean, he’s not being a wimp either, but presumably, that taunt is designed to trigger some emotional response and reaction.  But weasel?  How does that even make sense?

But my favorite from Wednesday is this one.  D is trying to hand some anti-choice brochure to a woman as she enters the clinic.  The woman shakes her head “no,” and D purses her lips and frowns.  Still holding out the pamphlet, she says,

“You should take it.  You’re going to be waiting in there a loooong time, you deserve to have something good to read.”

Something good to read.  The anti-choice full-of-lies brochure.  With pictures of fetuses and propaganda about abortion.  Omg, really?  Right, D, just the kind of recreational reading anyone might enjoy while waiting for their doctor’s appointment.

Puh-lease.  Sheesh.

Things you hear on the sidewalk…


 I need to go pack the coffee maker and get ready to head out ~ the escort training is this morning.  Thank goodness I don’t have to do food too.  There’s a 5k race, complete with street closings, that starts on the corner of Second and Market, so that’ll be a whole different kind of circus, in addition to the usual dog-and-pony show.

if you want to come hear for yourself the ridiculous and almost funny things that protesters say, you can join us on the sidewalk any morning, Tuesday – Saturday, between 7 and 8 a.m.  We’re the ones wearing the orange vests.

6 thoughts on “Things You Hear on the Sidewalk

  1. Fabulous post!
    The shaming tactic addressed to the male is definitely a classic. Our antis use, “Be a man! Don’t let her go in there!” and “You’ll regret this day for the rest of your life! You’ll remember this day, and so will she, and she’ll hate you forever for this!”

    Thanks for what you do!

    • Hi, Kittybrat,

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

      Yeah, ours say that too. Stand up and be a REAL man. That’s as opposed to the wimps and weasels, right?

      {shakes head} Ridiculous.


  2. I think. “That’s right! It’s the abortion clinic! That’s why the clients are here ~ they’ve already made a decision, they want an abortion! * They’re not looking for a choice, and they’re not looking for “free stuff.“ *

    They’re not looking for a choice??? That should be – They’ve already made their choice, they don’t need your free stuff.

    Just me being nitpicky, sorry.

    Great post, I always look forward to new stuff on this blog!

    • Thanks, Oubli. You’re right, it’s important to highlight that they had a choice, they’ve already chosen. Exactly.

      Glad you liked the post.


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