First Impressions ~ by SB

We ask new escorts to give us their first impressions of the sidewalk. This is a first impression by SB.
From attending the clinic in the morning a few times, I feel that being there is a good thing.
The protestors can be so mean; spewing hate and trying to walk in circles around the girls trying to enter.
The protestors seem to have a religion based on small-mindedness.
Even worse today I saw that they had a group of at least nine kids under the age of 17 there observing it all.
I do not understsnd why people need to gather around to yell at women going to the doctor.
As an escort it has  been difficult to not argue with the protestors; however, it is rewarding to keep a calm tone and not get sucked into their nonsense. Moreover, I feel enlightened through this opportunity and it has encouraged me to stick to my beliefs!


REMINDER: If you are interested in escorting, don’t forget the training on September 8th at 9A.  Training is not required, but it’s helpful. Please see our Trainings for Escorts page or email us for additional information.

1 thought on “First Impressions ~ by SB

  1. Thank you SB!!! It is always good to hear from new escorts. You often have the cleanest perspective.

    It is odd that a “religion” based on love and understanding has devolved into this kind of judgment and persecution. And using their kids as political tools is beyond whack. If they are so “pro-life” why aren’t these kids home watching bugs bunny and gorging on frosted-flakes on a Saturday morning – that’s a good life!

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