Sidewalk Snippet ~ {8/20/12}

There is a Catholic anti-abortion group named Louisville Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.* The second Saturday of each month the priest or Archbishop leads a procession of people from the Cathedral of the Assumption downtown. They walk about 7 blocks to stand across the street from EMW Women’s Surgical Center to pray. They line up on the sidewalk across the street praying. There are sometimes as many as 100, lined up three-deep for a block. Sometimes there are fewer marchers. All of them are saying prayers to end abortion.

The second Saturday in August, we had a Swedish film crew making a documentary at the time the parade reached the sidewalk across from the clinic.

Rita, one of our long-term escorts, shared this exchange with us. (Thanks, Rita!)

When the 30 -35 cathedral prayers came down to stand across the street on Saturday, the Swedish film man took a number of shots around and amid the group.  

As Lisa was interviewing me on the Action Loan corner, a woman broke from the group and approached us. She said, “Who are you and what right do you have to take our picture?”  Lisa replied that she was with Swedish TV and making a documentary to be shown in Sweden.

That seemed to be an approved answer because the woman prayer then said that she wanted to make sure that the film crew wasn’t an agent of “Big Brother,” because you know how they are – running everyone’s lives.

What a dual ethic!!!

All links to anti-abortion websites have been omitted purposely. Please use Google or message us separately if you would like a citation for sources.


REMINDER: If you are interested in escorting, don’t forget the training on September 8th at 9A.  Training is not required, but it’s helpful. Please see our Trainings for Escorts page or email us for additional information.

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