Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/23/12}

Another escort alerted me to a client who had moved their car from the AWC lot to the public pay lot. I walked over to the parking lot and talked to the client.

The client was visibly upset while telling me about how she was treated while parked in the AWC lot. According to her, staff came out of AWC and kept talking to her about going into their clinic. The client was just asking them where the abortion clinic was located while they blocked the car from leaving their lot. They told her they didn’t know where EMW was.

I kind of chuckled and said, “Well, they are an anti-abortion clinic but I am surprised they told you they didn’t know where EMW was since they share a wall.” She said, “Exactly. They lied. They can believe what they want to, but why would they lie about that?” I responded, “I don’t know why they lie, especially about something so easy to check, but we are never surprised by anything they say.”

The client was more upset about the lie than she was them blocking her car for as long as they did.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {7/23/12}

  1. Yes, their lies piss me off also, especially when they told me that an abortion would give me breast cancer. When I took my friend K for her termination, I was heavily pregnant and they tried to hard sell me on the breast cancer angle. I figured they thought they could scare me out of an abortion that I was never going to get by telling me this nonsense.

    I was more flummoxed than pissed by the protestors who stood in my car’s way of getting into the parking lot and when they shoved pamphlets into my car window after I opened it to ask them to move along.

    Their lies are far more aggravating than their blocking the way into the clinic but I don’t suppose all women feel like this. I am sure some women can handle the lies better than they can the blocked access to the clinic.

    • Oubli,

      Everyone is different, so some would be more upset by the blocking I am sure. The lies just really get to me. This one was so silly. If they would lie about not knowing where EMW was when it was right next door, how could you believe anything else they say? You cannot.


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