Sidewalk Snippet ~ {07/02/12}

Have we mentioned it is never a good idea to engage with antis? At least 1,000 times? Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with abortion? It never is. I’m constantly reminded of this non-engagement fact.

We were standing by the clinic entrance and the antis were lining up on the property line. One of the men who regularly comes out on Saturday took his position right beside me.

He pointed to another man walking the sidewalk and started telling me about his friend who was stung by a bee right beside his eye. They were cleaning out around some bee hives and the man was stung while he was mowing around the hive. I commented, “That’s sounds really painful.” “Yes, it is. I’ve been stung before too. You know, it is only the female bees that sting?” This last was said with a laugh.

He liked his joke so well, he started repeating it to all of the antis standing on the property line. The other antis “got” the joke and laughed along with him.

The point of the joke? Females=bad. Sigh. This thought even carries over to the insect world.

5 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {07/02/12}

  1. Male drones are only designed for one thing – they can’t cool the hive because their wings are the wrong shape, they don’t have pollen sacs so they can’t collect any food, they don’t have stingers so they can’t protect the hive.

    Their only role is to impregnate the queen, their penis breaks off in the process, and then they die.

    I just imagined you telling the anti this, then laughing maniacally and walking away and it made me feel better! Especially when I pictured you yelling this up the street to the others, ‘their penis breaks off and then they die!’ and everyone else would get the joke and laugh along with you.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Lila,

      Thanks for a giggle today. Since the crowd that day was more than 50% men I had this mental image of their reaction to even the word penis, let alone yelling ‘their penis breaks off and then they die.’ Probably not de-escalating, but funny.

      Thank you for the encouraging words.

    • Kittybrat,

      I am constantly amazed how the location inspires vocalizing the attitude and degradation. I shouldn’t be surprised after all of this time, but I still am.


      • That seems to be what it is about. After all, women are laughed at, considered child like, and therefore not capable of making a decision about their own bodies. This patriarchal crap is ingrained in society, and I will be SO glad when it is gone!

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