Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/25/12}

The car pulled to the curb after the doors of the clinic had opened.  I approached the client and companion to ask if they wanted us to escort them.

The client said they just wanted to sit there a minute and talk, saying, “We may have a change of heart and want to talk to the other clinic.” I let them know that was fine and pointed out the AWC building before walking away.

This scenario happens in slightly different ways occasionally. Clients will tell us, ‘We want to just sit here and talk for awhile.’ They tell us when they are ready to walk to the clinic or they may talk to the staff of AWC.

We do not interfere in these conversations with antis. We back away until they indicate they want to talk to us again.

Escorts do not try to influence a client’s decision. We always accept a “No.” We always respect their judgment about what is the best choice for them.

I think this is the primary difference between escorts and protesters. The antis never to seem to back off and give clients the space and time they need sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {6/25/12}

  1. “I think this is the primary difference between escorts and protesters. The antis never to seem to back off and give clients the space and time they need sometimes.”

    That is it in a nutshell. To make a decision, one has to have space to think. There is a respect that is missing from those who are rabid fundamentalists about ending abortion, who would crowd the sidewalk and bully a woman. That is why it is so difficult to remind one’s self that they are human beings, worthy of being treated with the rights that they deny the clients and us. Difficult, indeed!

    Thanks for this post, and this blog.

      • Servalbear, do you find yourself thinking things about antis that are out of your nature? I know I do! When one of the most egregious is absent, I find I have hoped she’s died! That’s not like me, in most circumstances, but it’s the truth.

      • Kittybrat,

        Yes, I do find myself thinking things out of my usual nature when it comes to some of the most aggressive antis. I joke about expecting one to spontaneously combust because of their built-up hate. One of our regular antis who is so abusive has been absent a few Saturday mornings. I find myself hoping something has happened to keep them away longer. I can’t say I wish them dead, but just something bad enough to be absent from the sidewalk a long time. It is difficult to handle the situation on the sidewalk in any way that resembles normal. There is nothing normal about people screaming, harassing, shaming and bullying clients. I guess we shouldn’t expect our reactions to witnessing those actions to fall under normal either. All we can do is try to decompress later and try to restore our emotional balance. Writing for this blog helps me a lot.


      • Yes, Servalbear, you are right. I have generally hold myself to a standard which I can feel no regrets and be an example. It used to appall me, the way I felt and sometimes acted in this aggressive, sick situation, but it is true that this is not a “normal” situation… far from it.
        Decompression is essential. Humor, as many of these posts have discussed, also helps while in the thick of it.
        Thanks for what you do! And thank you so much for this blog!
        Be well,

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